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    Default E-Novel (Hot Piece Wife)

    Here is the E novel. Hope you will like it and I will keep Posting the Full .If any one wants in Full File I will email it them
    HOT PIECE WIFE by Duncan Fox


    Psychologists have long noted that man is a gregarious animal whose need for approval and affection is as real and basic as his need for food and shelter.

    This social need is reflected many times over in our everyday lives. There is the teenaged boy who frequently smokes marijuana, though he dislikes it, because he fears being branded a "straight" by his friends. There is the suburban housewife who turns to illicit affairs because her husband, totally dedicated to his business, cannot or will not give her any affection.

    This is the story of one of those housewives, Kim Sanderson. A young attractive woman who has what many women dream of -- a lovely home, status in the community, financial security -- Kim seeks to fill one big void in her life. She is ignored physically and emotionally by her busy, hardworking husband. In her overwhelming need for physical attention, Kim ignores all the moral rules she has been taught and dares to venture onto forbidden ground. And is Kim to blame?

    For Kim, seeking affection becomes a way of life, her norm. This is a novel that poses a timely question for our increasingly decentralized American families.

    The Publisher


    Kimberly Sanderson squirmed sideways on the hard wooden bench. The naked studs of the locker room wall were digging into her shoulder and back, distracting her from the simmering lust in her gut. Bracing one heel against the bench, the other in a crack on the floor, she fingered her nipple, pinched and rolled it, stoked the fire under her pot of horniness.

    Feet and chattering voices passed the door of the cubicle. Kim thought of the teenage boys passing, thought of them seeing her toy with her naked body. Her lust soared. Closing her eyes, she imagined them watching her, seeing her mature tits, her thick brown bush, the pink petals of her inner pussy. Her lust boiled higher.

    She let a finger steal down through the wiry kinks of her muff. She let her finger stroke the soft, puffy lips of her pussy, skate around the pleasure nubbin of her clit. A bar of sunlight speared through the foot-high gap above the top of the flimsy door and painted a warm stripe on her trim belly. When it touched the untanned skin that was usually under her bikini, it felt like it was burning her.

    Kim pictured the sweaty faces of three of the boys from around the pool. She imagined their nude bodies, their cocks jutting out from immature patches of crotch hair. She imagined spreading her thighs wide before them, and fingered the sizzling heart of her cunt. Her finger touched the bump of her clit and a jolt of pleasure wrenched through her.

    For a moment she froze, thinking she had heard something from the next locker. Only a thin wall separated the two cubicles. Then she relaxed and let the horniness sweep over her. Her hand cupped the warm weight of one breast, rubbed the rubbery button of her nipple. No sag at all, and she was pushing thirty. She was as trim and firm as the teenage girls that frolicked around the pool, teasing and taunting the boys.

    She let her hand slide farther down on her pussy. She parted her warm, soft aunt lips, slid a finger between the damp inner petals. The tip of her finger found the slippery mouth of her aunt and cautiously explored the rippled orifice.

    A heavy sliding sound from next door distracted her. A little afraid, and more than a little frustrated, she scanned the featureless wall. In the distance she heard laughing and splashing from the swimming pool. Someone was singing in the shower down the corridor, and there were footsteps one aisle over.

    Was that panting? Concentrating, her lust fading, Kim fought to blot out all sounds but the soft huffing. For a moment, she thought she heard it. Then it was gone.

    A touch on her clitoris, and her lust raged upwards once again. Drawing her knees up and spreading her thighs, she toyed with her pussy and breasts. The barely private setting of the locker increased her horniness. Thinking of how close she was to naked exhibitionism made her pussy steam. She let her finger slide slowly into her slimy vagina. She used her thumb to roll the squirmy little protuberance of her clit. She bit back a moan, and pictured Al Lomata, mentally stripped him naked.

    How big was his cock? The bulge in his bathing suit gave the impression that he was hung like a horse. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with a Mediterranean handsomeness -- dark curly hair and flashing black eyes. Her eyes closing, Kim dreamed he had a jutting tower of a prick, aimed at her, and felt her twat flood with hunger.

    This time the next-door noise sounded like a grunt or a groan. Kim's lust was too high now for her to lose much of it. Still fingering her clit to keep her lust boiling, she pried her eyes open just a slit and scanned the gray asbestos wall carefully.

    For a moment, she thought she saw something. Then it was gone. She focused on the shadowy area just under the row of hooks on the horizontal one by three.

    Then she saw it: a flicker, like a wink. A flaw on the wall became a hole, about half the diameter of a pencil. It was black now, but for a moment it had been white -- like something had reflected the sun through it. Someone was behind that hole. Someone was watching her.

    She didn't move. As her insides coiled tight, she felt ashamed. Who was watching her as she masturbated? The thought of being watched made her excitement rage higher.

    It had to be kids, or a kid. A boy was standing on the bench in the next lockers his eye glued to the hole he had painstakingly augured through the hard sheet rock partition. He was feasting on her display, panting from the sight of her naked breasts, her gaping snatch, and the way she was playing with her most intimate parts.

    It couldn't be Al Lomata; it wasn't his family's locker. She visualized him anyway, thought of the aching hard-on he would get from the sight of her. She slipped her finger deeper into her hole, and moaned. Her hips shifted on the hard bench. She began pumping her finger in and out, fucked her pussy with a wet, squishy noise. She deliberately did it so the action was blatantly exposed to the unknown watcher. Let him get his biology lesson. The knowledge that he, whoever he was, was watching, made her lust rage higher and higher.

    Lifting her head, she glanced down at her gaping display. She wasn't able to see her own pussy, which was frustrating. Then she remembered the mirror on the shelf beside her, and grabbed it. Sitting up for just a moment, carefully not breaking her mood, she propped the mirror against the wall at the end of the bench. When she leaned back, she had a perfect view of her aroused twat. A slight shift, and the bar of sun that had spilled on her belly washed into the creaming heart of her snatch.

    She watched herself, imagined herself being watched, and finger-fucked herself. She fingered her clit, saw the little nubbin writhe as she tried to pinch it against her pubic arch. Then, using both hands, she spread her cunt lips wide, displayed her whole hot gash to herself and her Peeping Tom.

    The only intrusion on her carnal pleasure was a stray thought about her husband. If it weren't for that damn work-a-holism of his, it would be his dick and not her finger that was pumping in her twat. Her digit was a skinny imitation of his pecker.

    Deliberately, she slid a second finger into her boiling shaft, and pinched her clit hard, tried to blot out any distractions. She focused her mind on the Lomata youth, less than half of her thirty years, hung him with a wang like a baseball bat, and groaned. Then she reminded herself that someone was watching her display all her charms. She was getting there. She was getting close to the peak.

    Whining aloud, letting her hips hump and squirm, oblivious now to the way the planks were grinding into her tail, she pumped her two fingers in her sodden twat. She pinched her clit between her thumbs and dragged her vagina open with her fingers. Christ! She wished there was no wall between her and whoever it was that was watching. He'd come down on her, and hammer his dick into her ravenous hole, and she'd be full, full, full. His cock would burn twat walls as it pistoned into her. She would finger her clit, let him crush her hand with his pubic arch, while she massaged herself to a screaming cumming.

    Like the one she was close to now. She was getting closer, and closer, and closer. She heaved her head up and took one more look in the mirror. Her cunt was wide, and the hairy labes framed the finger-widened tunnel. She thought of the youngster watching her, and her belly convulsed in a rippling, rutting contraction. She gurgled with ecstasy, and her throat knotted closed. She rubbed her clit into a fireball. She was aware of her vaginal walls spuming around her finger, and felt the gush of cum as her insides coiled themselves around the bonfire of her cumming.

    For an eternity, she held her clit between her thumbs, pinched it while she wiggled the fingers in her vagina. Then, her insides aching and satisfied, she went limp, her hands slid out of her cunt and her hairy labes closed. Just the pink ruffles of her still-distended inner folds showed in the dark brown heart of her muff. She painted the insides of her thighs with her cunt juice and then slouched don, exhausted.

    Weakly, she blinked the pleasure-fog out of her eyes, and looked at the peephole. It was black for a moment, then changed to a lighter shade. Her watcher had abandoned his post, in spite of the fact that she was still as wantonly exposed as ever!

    After a few moments, when there wasn't any sign that whoever had been spying on her was returning to the peep hole, she felt a twinge of anger. What could be more important than admiring her naked beauty?

    Quietly, she got up and eased over toward the opening. She felt the hot summer breeze stir the air, dry the sweat on ha naked flesh. Very cautiously, wary of the watcher returning unexpectedly, she put her eye to the peep hole.

    For a moment there was only a confusion of lines and angles. Then she managed to sort them out. To the right, something cut off her view. A towel on a hook, she decided. Then she looked down, and bit back a gasp.

    She had been right, it was a boy. She tried to think of his name, but couldn't. She had seen him around the pool all summer. He had blond hair and a nose that was perpetually peeling from sunburn.

    What had made her gasp was that he was as naked as she was and his hand was curled around his jutting hard-on. Just the pinkish purple head protruded from his fist. He was slouched back on the bench so just part of his ass was perched on the edge. His trim legs were stretched out in front of him. Sweat beaded his downy upper lip as he stared at his dick -- and pumped its lean length.

    Kim felt her insides wind themselves into a knot. What a beautiful dork! Her palms itched to fondle it, to feel the soft satin skin slide over the rock-hard core. She could seethe skin wrinkle first one way and then the other as the boy's hand moved up and down his pecker. The head was shining with pre-cum, and each movement of his hand brought another thick, slick emission from the slit at the tip.

    Perry? That was his name. Perry McBride. He was lean and graceful -- no fat on him. His cock jutted up from a pale red bush of fine hair. His belly was barely tanned. Freckles sprayed across his shoulders and down his arms, and over his cheeks and forehead. His nose was raw pink where the dead skin had peeled away.

    But that cock! That lowly, lovely cock kept drawing her eyes. He was rubbing it, up and down, up and down, slowly, as if he was trying to prolong the pleasure. Kim's mouth watered. It wanted a chance at that lovely popsicle! The thick clear drops from the tip oozed down and pooled against Perry's fingers as he squeezed and pumped his cock.

    Kim could her his jacking off! It was a wet, sticky, crackling sound. Every downstroke made the little mouth at the tip gape. Then his hand moved up, and the mouth closed, and another clear drop welled up, caught the sunlight like a jewel.

    As she spied on the youngster, Kim slid a hand down into her crotch and fought to keep from moaning aloud. She slipped a finger up into her still-dripping hole, and felt a fresh wave of juices flood down. She dreamed of that dick sliding up into her hole, and the walls of her cunt spumed.

    Perry's eyes were closed now, his teeth gritted, as his hand moved up and down his dong. For a moment, she thought he had shot a glance in her direction, and almost flinched back from the peep hole. She decided that as long as she blacked the light, as long as she didn't move, he wouldn't know she was watching. It was because he had backed away for a moment that she had seen the light change and spotted the opening.

    She pressed her forehead against the wall and blinked. Her eyelashes brushed the partition she was so close to it. Her nipples pressed the cool hard board. She deliberately squirmed, made her tits slide over it.

    She ignored the drop of sweat that tickled its way down between her breasts. All that mattered was that lovely, lovely cock that was being jacked off. The boy's hips were shifting and squirming now, and his hand was moving faster on his thrusting prick. He was panting, licking his lips.

    He groaned, and curled up a little. He looked down at his dong. His hand squeezed, his toes curled.

    Kim choked.

    A creamy, pearly jet of cum spouted from Perry's dick. It leaped, in a smooth, flashing curve, and fell with a heavy "spunk" to the gray planks of the floor. It was followed by a second, then a third, even larger one. The last one got the greatest range.

    The carnal squirting went on and on, vigorous, copious beyond belief. Thick pearly-gray spoutings arced through the air and spotted the gray floor and spilled through the cracks, dripped into the crawlspace beneath the lockers. Kim's cunt twisted with frustration as she watched Perry's spurting spill uselessly on the uncaring wood and onto the sand and rock below. A soft groan of misery escaped her lust-knotted throat. This time she was certain Perry glanced at the peep hole.

    Without thinking, she fell back away from the hole. She slouched down on the bench, and drove her hands deep into her flaming crotch. Grabbing blindly, she found a fresh, full tube of suntan cream and aimed the cap into her ravenous cunt. Sprawling her legs wide apart, she drove the cold plastic into her twat, raped herself with it. She humped herself on the phony phallus and held in her mind the memory of Perry's spurting pecker. She pumped the plastic shaft in her spuming cunt, the harsh edges of the cap scrape her tender walls. She recalled the first thick jettings of Perry's cock spilling down over his cock-head as his exhausted muscles lost the power to shoot his cum up, were able only to wring the first thick waves out.

    She had an urge to squeeze the tube she was fucking herself with. She wondered if she could squeeze it hard enough to pop the cap off. Then she could flood herself with suntan cream -- it would be lanolin-loaded semen. The cap would jam in her vagina, be a hard knot at the end of her tunnel. The thick, oily cream would flood her crevices. It would be cool and exciting against her aroused folds. It might even seep up into her cervix and womb.

    Her cumming coiled like a snake then struck up through her. She laughed -- a hot, crazy mad lust laugh -- at her insanity. Perry was probably watching as she pistoned the suntan tube in her twat.

    It could go on all day! First she would jack off and get him horny. Then he would beat his meat while she spied on him and got horny. Back and forth, back and forth, like a tennis match.

    Then her cumming raged through her and wiped away all thought and she let the memory of his gorgeous cock swirl through her pleasure-racked brain. Her cunt spasmed around the cool shaft of the suntan lotion. It was really a most satisfactory cumming. She clung to it for a long, long time, then eased the fake dick out of her aching, exhausted twat.

    She thought of fishing out the cap, and was glad she hadn't managed to pop it off inside her. She wiped the tube clean and put it back on the shelf. Then, her knees bent and her legs spread, she lay back on the bench. The hot summer sun dried her pussy as she caught her breath.

    She heard the door of Perry's locker slam, heard his footsteps fade away down the corridor, and sighed. She should, she thought, feel some shame.

    She didn't. She felt a vague sort of vengeance toward Walter. Her eye lighted on his jock strap, dangling from a hook near the peep hole. She wondered if he really needed the thing. She was beginning to think that he didn't have anything to put in the knitted cup.

    How long had it been since he had made love to her? She couldn't even remember. Served her right for marrying a man twenty years her senior. Sure, he had all the financial security she had demanded. Only now she was realizing that money couldn't fill certain holes.

    Her less shaky, Kim struggled to her feet and reached for her bikini. Donning it quickly, she draped a towel over her shoulder and headed for the pool. On the way she passed a full-length mirror, and paused to study herself.

    Her breasts bulged invitingly from the cups of her bra. The soft, tanned mounds were still firm. Her belly was trim, her hips and ass shapely. Her legs were long and graceful and slack.

    She tried not to be vain, but did wonder how Walter could find balance sheets and profit and loss statements more interesting than her. Maybe if she had a graph tattooed on her he would pay attention to her. If it led to her cunt maybe he'd stick his nose in there to see what the dividends were for the quarter.

    "Hi, Mrs. Sanderson," Al Lomata said as he padded past.

    Kim's heart gave a nervous flip-flop as she returned the greeting. She watched his trim enroll with his easy steps. If he felt her gaze, his back didn't show any signs of it.

    With a soft sigh, conscious of the post-cuming ache in her gut, Kim went out to the pool. For a moment, she stood on the porch of the bath house, looking down the expanse of deck and at the clear cool aqua of the water. She was conscious of the circle of wives knitting their gossip shrouds. She knew that Walter's continuing absence from the country club was a constant topic of speculation.

    Deliberately, Kim stood straighter than usual, knowing that her sleek shape was a source of envy. It would be a shame, Kim reflected, for them not to have something to talk about.

    Her eye lighted on a shock of pale blonde hair at the diving board, and she felt her gut knot. As she watched, Perry McBride walked to the end of the board, paused for a moment, then hurtled into the water. A glistening explosion of water sprayed high into the air. The light of the gleaming drops reminded Kim of another, hotter shower a few minutes ago. She writhed inwardly, and waited. Perry emerged from the pool ten yards away from her.

    He glanced at her, and, she felt his eyes strip the suit off her. Then she saw a flush pink his cheeks, felt her own face burning. They turned away from each other simultaneously. Kim found a lounge chair and stretched out on it.


    Kim was tugging the bedspread smooth when she heard her name being called from the kitchen. "Be right then, Jenny," she called back, giving the pillow on the king-sized bed a last pat. For just a moment she paused, and eyed the big bed distastefully. Such a waste to have a bed like that when she was married to Walter.

    "Hi!" Jenny said cheerily. She had a cup of steaming coffee in her hand. As always, Jenny's friendly, freckled face and her flaming, shoulder length red hair lit up her surroundings. "Contemplating the scene of the battle?"

    Kim shook her head and pressed her lips together grimly. "I was just thinking," she said softly, "how hypocritical it is to have a bed like that."

    "Oh?" Jenny arched her eyebrows and sipped the coffee.

    "I mean, well, look," Kim began awkwardly. "Oh, never mind. Why should I bore you with my troubles?"

    "Shoot, what are friends for?" Jenny asked.

    Kim didn't answer and eased past the other woman and into the kitchen. There was a funny sort of a shock when her bare skin brushed Jenny's arm. Kim felt her tits stiffen.

    "I like your outfit," Jenny noted wryly. "Very tasteful. Not overdone at all."

    Kim glanced down, then poured herself a cup of coffee. "I'm glad somebody notices when I'm naked," she said bitterly. She turned and leaned back against the counter. The chill edge dug into her naked ass. The bright, sunny, spotless kitchen gleamed -- testimony to her excess nervous energy that morning.

    "What's the matter, Poopsie? Walter go blind?" Jenny asked. "Or are you going nudist on us?"

    "No to both questions, actually. Though Walter might as well be blind."

    "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," Jenny chortled in a gloating tone. "This sounds really juicy." She pulled out a chair and sat down.

    Kim battled with herself for a moment. She had been closer to Jenny, her next-door neighbor for the last five years, than to anybody else in the world. But for those same five years, Kim had carefully kept up the pretension of having a very passionate marriage. And, despite Jenny's bantering, teasing tone, Kim knew that she wasn't likely to find a more sympathetic listener.

    "Well, is the truth finally going to come out?" Jenny prodded.


    "You think I didn't know about you and Walter?"

    "Know about me and Walter?"

    "Yeah. Passionless, sexless. No fuckee."

    Stunned, Kim sat down so hard she felt her tits jiggle.

    Jenny laughed. "Come on, Kim. No one, but no one, has the kind of sex life you've been claiming to have. So, it was either an exaggeration, or a whopping tall story. Obviously it's the latter. Right?"

    Kim slumped miserably and caved in. "Right."

    "Well! Welcome to the ranks of the realistically married," Jenny responded with her usual unabashed good humor.

    "It's more than that," Kim said dourly.


    "Walter hasn't made love to me, hasn't even looked at me, in so long I've lost track."

    "Has to leave too early in the morning to grab a quickie," Jenny noted. "Gets back too late at night, too tired to get it up. And on weekends there's always something with someone important from the office. Right?"

    Kim frowned suspiciously. "How did you know?"

    Jenny raised her coffee cup in a silent toast. "I'm married to one, too."

    "You and George?" Kim was astonished. Jenny hadn't ever bragged about her sex life, but had never hinted that anything was wrong, either.

    "Me and George," Jenny admitted candidly. Kim studied her lushly built neighbor. "Me I can see," Kim noted. "But I can't conceive of a man in the world that could ignore you."

    "Place me next to an attractive stock option and see which one George goes for," Jenny retorted. "He hasn't plugged my hole in what seems like a century."

    "You're kidding!"

    "Don't I wish I were," Jenny sighed.

    "Doesn't George get horny?"

    "Does Walter?"

    "Touche," Kim responded. Then she thought for a moment. "Don't you get horny?"

    "I used to," Jenny admitted. "But then I got the horny housewife's handy helper."

    "Huh? What?"

    Jenny got up and set her empty coffee cup in the sink. "Come over and see."

    "Wait'll I get something on," Kim answered, curious.

    "Why bother?"

    Kim stopped in the kitchen doorway. "Some body might see."

    Jenny had a wicked gleam in her green eyes. "Isn't that half the fun?" she asked in a bubbly voice. "I remember when I was a kid in Akron. When my folks went out, the first thing I'd do was get naked, and run around the house, upstairs and down. I'd leave all the lights on and all the shades and curtains open. God, I used to get turned on doing that. Sometimes I'd even go out in the back yard, and lie in the hammock or on the grass and feel the night breeze all over me."

    Kim felt her lust rising at the thought. She had a sudden, mad, crazy urge, and headed for the back door. She was intensely aware of being naked.

    "Wait a second! Give me a chance," Jenny protested, stripping hurriedly.

    "Ready?" Kim asked, her insides knotting with excitement, her pussy dripping lust. "We run?"

    Jenny giggled tensely. "Hell, no! Let's walk!"

    Kim opened the door, and felt the sun burn her naked tits. The warm summer breeze touched her intimately, stroked her aroused nipples, brushed her pussy hair. Her arm touched Jenny's soft, warm pink-capped breast and an electric current flowed between them.

    "Shall we go?" Kim asked.

    "After you," Jenny said nervously.

    "Together," Kim said, taking Jenny's arm and pressing it to her breast.

    The sun was hard and bright, and seemed to leer down at Kim. Her horniness sizzled and steamed as she walked arm-in-arm with her naked neighbor. Jenny's boobs were pale, with big pink caps and passion-pointed nipples.

    Kim's insides began uttering as they strolled across the cool green grass toward Jenny's house. Somewhere a lawn was being mowed. She felt as if there must be a million eyes on them. They could be seen from a thousand windows. Kim kept fighting the urge to run. She felt sweat trickling down her naked body.

    Once inside, arms still around each other, until Kim felt a sudden change in her feelings, felt her horniness rising. She became aware of Jenny's hot softness against her. Suddenly a jolt of fear ripped through her. She pushed back from Jenny, shoved her away.

    "I'm... I'm sorry," she blurted out, turning away with embarrassment.

    "For what?" Jenny asked. Then she went on as if nothing had happened. "Come on in the bedroom and I'll show you what modem labor-saving device the inventors have come up with."

    Kim felt a twinge of reserve at the mention of going to the bedroom, and scolded herself out of it. Anyway, her horniness wouldn't let her hang back.

    The master bedroom looked out on a sidewalk and a side road. The sun flooded in the windows, glared at the bed. Anyone passing on the street could see in, though probably couldn't see the bed.

    "Should I draw the curtains?" Jenny asked.

    "Hello no," Kim answered with reckless abandon, not sure she really meant it.

    "This is the little pleaser," Jenny announced, pulling a cock-shaped plastic vibrator out of her bedside table.

    "Oh." Kim felt a little disappointed and a wave of curiosity.

    Uninhibitedly, almost casually, Jenny flopped down on the bed. Spreading her naked legs, she twisted the base of the tool. It buzzed to life. Right in front of Kim's astonished eyes, Jenny slid the humming tool up into her cunt. Kim felt a roaring wave of lust at the sight of the ivory cylinder vanishing into Jenny's red-bushed snatch. Lying on her back, her lush breasts squashing outwards from their own weight, Jenny speared herself with the whirring tool.

    "Really does something to you," Jenny commented hoarsely.

    Kim's legs weakened and she sank slowly down on the bed. She had the feeling she shouldn't be there, that this was something private. But her own curiosity and soaring horniness held her gaze riveted on Jenny's full-lipped twat and the buzzing cock.

    "For variety, you slide it up to your clit. Unnnggghh," Jenny moaned.

    Kim remembered masturbating while she knew she was being watched, and knew suddenly that half or Jenny's pleasure came from having an audience. Kim wanted to try it herself, while Jenny watched. Kim's fingers clenched with hunger as she studied the shaft sliding in and out of Jenny's oozing gash.

    Still pistoning the shuddering prick in and out of her cunt, Jenny began rolling her head from side to side. Every once in a while she would guide the shining tip up from her tunnel to her clit. When the buzzing point hit her pleasure-berry she would lurch as if she had gotten an electric shock.

    "My tits," Jenny moaned.

    "What about them?" Kim asked.

    "Pinch them," Jenny moaned. "Please, pinch my tits. Or better yet, kiss them. Suck my tits. Bite my tits."

    At first, Kim was revolted by the suggestion. Then her curiosity got the better of her. She rationalized that she had, after all, been breast-fed as a child. What would Jenny's great, soft warm jugs feel like, taste like?

    Leaning forward, Kim reached out and brushed one pink tit. The nubbin stiffened, protruded, begged to be fingered, or tasted. It was rubbery and exciting. The mound supporting it was full and soft, a warm pillow urging Kim to rest her cheek against it. Kim pinched the bud harder, lifted and pulled it, remembered how her own cunt steamed when her nipples were treated that way.

    And still the whirring vibrator slithered in and out of Jenny's red-muffed pussy. Shining with her juices, the ivory torpedo was whipping her folds to a cream. Jenny's legs were spread like a frog's as she jacked the dildo in and out of her streaming tunnel, then up and over and around the protruding bud of her clit.

    Kim tore her eyes off the sight, and focused instead on Jenny's lush jugs. Kim licked her lips and swallowed. Her mouth was watering in anticipation of suckling again. Curling her fingers around one of Jenny's boobs, squeezing the mound to make the teat stand up even higher, Kim lowered her mouth to the hot, jutting berry.

    Her lips closed on it, and Jenny moaned and heaved her chest up, tried to smother Kim with the soft mass of her mammary. Kim sucked, drew in a mouthful of warm tit. She swirled her tongue around the hard nipple. She sucked, dug her teeth into the tender flesh, and heard Jenny moan with ecstasy.

    Something was driving her to give Jenny the greatest pleasure she could. Kim reached over and fondled the second breast while suckling hungrily on the first. She bit one nubbin, and pinched the other between her finger and thumb, rolled and twisted it as Jenny wailed and the vibrator hummed. Kim had a searing urge to climb on top of her red-haired neighbor. Squirming, Kim yielded to the blazing drive, snuggled the full length of her lithe, graceful body against Jenny's softer, more lush curves. And still the vibrator rumbled its lusty message in the fountaining heart of Jenny's twat and Kim kept sucking and slurping on the hot, hard titty. Kim's pussy was raving with hunger. Without even thinking about it, she rammed her hairy snatch against Jenny's thigh. Jenny cooperated, jammed her leg up between Kim's. Kim's hips rolled and hunched as she scrubbed her pussy against Jenny's leg, ground her clitoris against Jenny's thigh bone, until there was a searing flame in Kim's gut.

    Jenny was mumbling something about cumming, but Kim was too busy trying to reach her own to pay any attention. As a result, when Jenny bucked her off, tumbled Kim to her back, Kim was furious at the sudden betrayal. Then someone hooked her to an electric current, and everything vanished in a haze of blue-white sparks. She realized gradually that she wasn't dying. The vibrator flickered around her clit. Kim spread her legs until the tendons on the insides of her thighs were stretched and stinging. The vibrator circled her clit again, whipped the little nubbin to madness, drew a flooding fountain of goo from her cunt. Then the vibrator was sliding up into her, like a torpedo burrowing into the bowels of a ship. Kim wailed. Jenny's warm, lush body was beside her, half on her, and it was the most natural thing in the world to seek the red-head's mouth, to mingle tongues and lips and teeth in a passionate, devouring kiss.

    Kim was oblivious to everything but her lust as she was raped by the vibrator, seduced by the sweet scented softness of Jenny's voluptuous curves. Breasts squashed against breasts, nipples dug into nipples as Jenny swarmed over Kim's lithe frame. Their legs twisted and twined in a tangle. The vibrator pumped in and out, in and out. Every whirring stroke released still more juices from Kim's already sodden cunt. She clutched desperately at Jenny, twisted her legs around Jenny's, and humped and fucked herself on the still-pistoning electric dick. Soon she was cumming. The searing fireball left her gasping for air.

    Kim roused slowly, with a feeling of horror and fear and amazement. Then she sought oblivion by snuggling against her feminine lover. Sweaty breasts mashed against sweaty breasts, streaming pussies ground against cum-slick thighs.

    "Oh, my God," Kim moaned at last.

    "Mmmmmmmmmm," Jenny purred contentedly.

    Kim's mind went back to high school and the hideous tales of what the gym teacher did to girls she managed to snare in her perverted web. Now, instead of sickness and disgust, all Kim felt was wonder. Why had she been denying herself so long? She couldn't say she felt lust or desire for Jenny. But she couldn't deny the pleasure she had so unexpectedly stumbled on, either.

    Kim realized that she had known it was going to happen the moment she had accepted Jenny's invitation to come over. Kim gazed thoughtfully up at the sun-bright ceiling and writhed sensuously against her neighbor.

    "Wow," Jenny sighed at last. "It's never been like that before."

    "Have you... ever done anything like it before?" Kim asked hesitantly.


    "Neither have I."

    "I don't regret it."

    "Me neither," Kim said.

    "How about a shower?"

    "Together?" Kim asked, her pussy sizzling at the thought. Before she had married she had had several affairs, and more than once shared a shower with a man.

    "Of course!"

    Kim felt more relaxed than she had in years when she stood and stretched, naked and unashamed, in front of the window. She noticed idly that the jump rope game had broken up. The girls had vanished. A delivery truck drove by, paused before rounding the corner. The driver looked at the house, and gaped when he saw her standing there naked, facing him. She waved at him, then laughed when he stalled the engine of his truck. With a wiggle of her tail she turned and followed Jenny to the bathroom. At least one man in the world had noticed her.

    And at least one woman wanted her. Under the cool waterfall from the showerhead, they stroked and fondled each other with soapy hands. Kim loved lifting Jenny's hash, heavy breasts and letting them slide over her hands. She pressed her thumbs down on the pink buds so she could feel them squirm under the pressure. Then Jenny pinched Kim's tits hard, and Kim moaned as flames lashed her loins.

    Slowly, challengingly, Kim stroked a soapy hand down Jenny's body, down toward her sodden red curls. Jenny responded by thrusting her pussy forward and spreading her legs.

    Tenderly, excitingly, Kim lathered Jenny's muff, pressed the wiry, soapy-soft curls and flesh. Kim let her fingers curl under Jenny's pussy, between her thighs, felt the way her sex yielded. Jenny's green eyes glazed with lust as her cunt was expertly massaged.

    Then Kim slipped a finger into Jenny's slit, and found the other woman's cunt hole. Her eyes on Jenny's, Kim slipped her finger slowly into the hot, embracing channel. She probed, deeper and deeper into Jenny's shaft. Kim eased her hand between Jenny's thighs as she reached for the bottom of her cave.

    Jenny's hand cupped Kim's pussy, and Kim inadvertently curled the finger she had in Jenny's nest. Jenny moaned, and Kim wiggled her finger in Jenny's slippery shaft. Kim felt a finger slide slowly into her own cunny, and moaned, and let her feet slide apart on the slippery tiles. Rivers of water from the shower were curling around her breasts.

    It was a lust duel as they stood there in the shower, fingers sunk in each other. It was a question of which of them would collapse first. Kim slipped her thumb along Jenny's slit, found her clit, and diddled it delicately. Jenny gave a gargling moan and sagged back against the shower wall. She slipped a second finger into Kim's cunt. The two fingers fucked the walls of the tunnel into convulsions. Kim's legs threatened to give way under her as she leaned forward against Jenny and felt the other woman's hot, water and soap-slick skin against hers.

    "Let's go to the bed again," Kim moaned, knowing they were heading inexorably for the last, ultimate act.

    "Hurry," Jenny urged. They rinsed and toweled dry with frantic haste.

    Still damp, they tumbled onto the bed. Deliberately, Kim resisted the urge to dive for the heart of Jenny's auburn snatch. Instead, she ground her pussy against Jenny's thigh as she felt Jenny's twat grating against hers.

    Finally, when it got to be too much for her, Kim yielded, lowered her head to Jenny's breasts. Tenderly at first, she suckled on one pink nipple, then the other. At the same time, Kim turned and squirmed on the bed, dangled one of her own breasts over Jenny's mouth. Jenny's lips closed on Kim's tit, and Kim thought she was going to die as flames roared through her. She felt Jenny's tongue rasp against her titty, and dug her teeth into Jenny's breast and pinched the rubbery nipple against the roof of her mouth. Tearing her aching breast from Jenny's sucking maw, Kim presented her other one, and groaned as that nipple, too, was battered into rigidity.

    Slowly, driving herself mad with the anticipation, Kim eased her way down Jenny's trim torso to the red thicket of her twat. Kim licked her way toward the red forest, painted a wet stripe down Jenny's heaving belly. Kim tasted sweat and soap as she explored the other woman's navel. She felt her own belly button being probed by a hot worm of woman tongue.

    The scent of Jenny's pussy swirled around Kim's head. She felt her lust and hunger rising from the rich aroma. She took a mouthful of Jenny's, wiry bush, used her lips to pull the curls straight, felt the soft labes drag outwards from the tugging.

    After a momentary pause to pick a pubic hair off her tongue, Kim obeyed the urging of her guts and at last lowered her mouth to the warm, humid, fragrant nest between Jenny's thighs. She felt Jenny's hot breath on her pussy as she slipped her tongue shyly between the soft, hairy labes, got her first taste of woman juice. She found it delicious, and eagerly probed deeper, stroked her tongue along the distended petals of Jenny's inner twat.

    Her tongue found the hole, and slowly burrowed into Jenny's vagina. Cupping her hands under Jenny's butt, Kim lifted the woman's hips. Her lips sucked on Jenny's twat as her tongue bored into the streaming channel. Kim ground her jaw against Jenny's pubic arch as she felt her clit being pulverized into a searing haze by Jenny's jaw.

    Jenny struck pay dirt, fastened on Kim's clit. Kim rammed her hips down on Jenny's face as the eager red-head sucked and tongued the mini-penis, pinched it with her teeth.

    Kim responded in kind -- sought Jenny's protruding nubbin under its monk-like hood. Her lips closed around the nerve-bundle. She sucked, dragged it out as far as it would go. Then she flicked her tongue across the bud, and felt Jenny's thighs clamp around her head. Burying her nose in Jenny's streaming twat, Kim drew on the other woman's clit as if it was a breast that would, yield milk.

    Kim's innards were being creamed by the Sapphic lust raging through her. The mouth that was tormenting her clit showed no sign of tiring, no sign of giving up the battle. The pleasure roared higher and higher and higher, until the world was awash in the smell of woman cum. Kim abandoned herself to the cataclysmic cuming and did her damnedest to create in Jenny the same towering eruption of pleasure. Jenny's thighs opened and closed on Kim's ears like clapping hands as Kim raped Jenny's slit over and over and over again, stroked her tongue from clit to cunt time after time after time. Kim tormented the clit, then scooped up the thick cum from the channel below.

    Finally, as carnal convulsions knotted her whole body, and her cumming raged to an unbelievable peak, she stuffed her face into Jenny's pussy as hard as she could. Jenny bucked and heaved. Still hunching head to crotch, they rolled to their sides. The jerking heaves wrenched at them until they were drained and exhausted.

    With a soft groan, Kim let go of Jenny's ass and rolled to her back and pillowed her head on Jenny's thigh. Her cheeks were sticky with a lovely mix of spit and cum. She sucked a deep, sex-scented lungful of air in through her slimy nose.

    After catching her breath, she rolled her head on Jenny's leg, and stared at the sodden wreck of Jenny's cunt. The inner labes were still swollen and protruded from the hairy slit. The rich red muff was kinky and stringy with spit and cream. Kim felt her own twat getting crusty from the slowly drying juices.

    "That," Jenny panted softly, "is the kind of thing that could put the vibrator makers out of business."

    "And men, too?" Kim asked, knowing what her own answer to the question was.

    "Uh uh," Jenny sighed. "Never!"

    "This is fun. But only once in a while."

    "Yeah. It'll never replace a good old-fashioned cock up the cunt."

    Which reminded Kim of how long it had been since she had had a cock in her cunt. "Damn," she said miserably.

    "Walter?" Jenny asked.

    "Walter," Kim agreed.

    "And George," Jenny added.

    "Have you... have you ever been unfaithful to George?"

    Kim felt Jenny's head shake on the inside of her thigh. "Only with my ever-ready special."

    "Maybe I should get a vibrator," Kim mused.

    "It's really a poor imitation," Jenny grunted.

    "Like what we just did. It's okay once in a while, for variety. But there are times when only the real thing will do."

    "Yeah. I love Walter."

    "And I love George."

    "What are we going to do?" Kim asked.

    "I know what I'd like to do right now," Jenny answered.


    "Have a nice refreshing swim, and a nice cold vodka and something."

    Kim noticed suddenly how dry her mouth was, and bow sticky and sweaty she had gotten. "Let's go to the club. My treat."

    "Okay. I'll buy lunch next week."

    "It's a deal."


    Kim fidgeted around the locker, picking things tap and putting them down again. Her stomach was tight and nervous. Her ears were cocked for the sound of footsteps in the corridor. A hot worm of horniness was slowly gnawing its way through her guts.

    For the twentieth time, at lent, she started to get dressed. But her desperate need wouldn't let her get off that easily. It was wrong, it was crazy, but she had to do it, or at least try.

    God help her if anyone saw it happen. The sewing circle vultures would descend on the carcass of her reputation and, gloating and chuckling with bitchy glee, strip it to the bone.

    Kim decided that it was either so simple it couldn't fail, or so simple it was sure to. It was crazy. She thought it through again, until she reached the part where her pussy started to burn and she couldn't think any more. She had no idea what would happen beyond that point.

    A sudden clink and clatter from Perry's locker made Kim freeze. Carefully, she turned toward the hole, and cursed herself for a fool. Obviously, Perry had been waiting for her! For a moment she considered dropping the whole plan. Letting him watch her masturbate had been quite a thrill, after all.

    Then she thought of his trim body and beautiful cock, and stiffened her resolve. She had to get closer to that sleek prick. Her lust flared hotter and she began to shake with nervousness.

    "Perry McBride, are you in then?" she called, trying to keep her voice level.

    She waited a moment, sensing his sudden fright. Deliberately, noisily, she opened her door, but stayed in the locker. "I know you're there, Perry. And I know about the peep hole. Now I want you to come over here, right now. My door is unlocked. All you have to do is walk in."

    The silence was so thick she could almost hear his sweat drops hitting the floor. She ignored her own stomach-twisting case of nerves.

    "Perry, I'm going to give you until the count of ten to come over here," Kim said firmly. "If you aren't here by then, I'll go out to the front desk and make out a complaint about the hole you drilled in the wall."

    She wouldn't really do it, of course. He would be in a real mess if she did. He hadn't done anything new -- people had been doing it since Adam and Eve. And besides, the voyeurism and exhibitionism were better than nothing.

    She had reached seven when she heard his locker door opening. At nine her locker door opened very slowly and hesitantly, and the frightened youngster slipped into the muggy shade of the locker.

    "Close the door behind you," Kim ordered softly. "And lock it."

    When he hesitated, she smiled. "I'm not going to hurt you. I don't bite!"

    As he locked the door, she studied him. For several days she had watched him around the pool. That was what had led her to this. Just the sight of him made her pussy steam with desire.

    He was a loner, basically. Most boys his age were either horsing around and showing off for the girls, or off playing baseball or something. Perry was always thoughtfully attentive to the younger kids, intensely shy with the girls, and deferential and polite with his elders.

    And he was so... so pretty it made her mouth water. She stood with her arms folded, and eyed him as he pressed his back against the door. The glare over the top made it hard to see his face.

    She changed her own position, moved over to the wall that had the spy hole in it. She tried to appear casual and relaxed, though inside she was steaming. "Sit down, if you want," she said softly. He was watching her like a rabbit watching a snake.

    She took a deep breath. "I know you spy on me when I'm undressed," she began nervously. He started to open his mouth. She didn't give him a chance to say anything. "I've known about it for over a week."

    Perry's mouth opened and he began stuttering apologies. She stopped him with a wave of her hand, and felt her tits harden in her bikini bra. She was nearing the crutial point. "You're not stupid," she noted. "If you'll stop and think, you'll realize that there are several things I could have done to stop it any time I wanted. I could have called your parents and complained, talked to the director of the pool, or I could have corked the hole with something."

    "Yes'm," Perry whispered, mortified.

    "But I didn't," she noted, talking a deep breath. Her chest ached with nervousness and horniness. "I didn't, because I didn't mind. I don't mind you peeking at me. As a..." She stopped to swallow the lump in her throat. "As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed knowing you were... looking at me. Lots of girls, women are like that. It's very flattering to know you like to look at me naked."

    His eyes began to shine at this revelation.

    "But, I think, to be fair, you should let me see you naked," she went on, her cunt clenching and unclenching. She didn't mention that she had, spied on him once, and wondered if he knew about it. She hadn't spied on him since, much as she had wanted to, for fear he might catch on and be frightened off.

    When he didn't say anything she prodded gently, saying, "Well?"

    "I... I guess so," he stammered hoarsely. He didn't make any move to take off his bathing suit. She wondered if he wore a jock strap.

    Smoke coiled up from the bonfire of her lust. She could feel her bikini bottom getting wet with pussy seepings. "Maybe it would be easier if I got undressed first?" she asked, and, not waiting for him to answer, reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Casually, more casually than she felt, she let it slip off her breasts. She felt her nipples swell and pulse with arousal as air touched them. As gracefully as she could, she hung the bra up.

    Then, just as if she was alone, she skinned the bottom of her suit down her long, shapely legs and stepped out of it. She made no attempt to conceal her brown-muffed pussy. She gave him a good look at the graceful lines of her body, the curve of her ass, the mature weight of her breasts. Then she turned away from him and hung the suit bottom up.

    She felt his eyes on her. He was only two feet away. Her horniness boiled higher. She turned back toward him, saw the way he was licking his lips, saw the shine in his eyes as he glanced from her face to her tits to her pussy, and back to her tits. His eyes didn't rest for a moment -- they skipped from one part of her body to another. She could almost feel his hot, eager looks as actual touches.

    In a sensuous motion, she stroked her hands up her naked torso and over her breasts. She ended the move in a nervous, muscle-and-joint-cracking stretch that left nothing to his imagination. Then she writhed like a cat in heat tantalizing a horny tom.

    There was a mammoth, uncomfortable-looking bulge in his bathing suit. From the looks of it, he did wear a jock. And, if he did, he had to be in agony.

    When he didn't make any move to strip, she took the bull by the horns. "Perry, all I have to do is show Mr. Carmichael the hole in the wall and you won't be allowed back for the rest of the year," she said softly, knowing how much swimming meant to him, knowing also that she would never do it.

    "You wouldn't!" His hands opened and closed nervously as his eyes skated over her sleek nudity.

    "Take off your bathing suit, and I won't have to," she said quietly.

    Then he did take his eyes off her. He stand grimly, humbly, ashamedly down at himself as he fumbled with the string of his suit. When he got the cord tangled in a knot, he picked at it desperately. His terror increased his clumsiness.

    Just as he was about to burst into tern, Kim took pity on him. Going over to him, she shifted him away from the door so sunlight spilled over his tanned and freckled shoulders and she could see what she was doing. Then she cased his hands away from the knotted cord, and carefully began picking it apart with her long, tapered nails.

    As she worked, she felt his eyes on her bare breasts. She didn't look at his face. "You may touch my breasts if you want," she told him softly.

    The first touch of his fingers was like the kiss of a butterfly. Her nipples felt as if they were about to split. She fit his fingers press her boots as if he couldn't believe the wait, live softness of them. He bumped his fingers over her distended tits, made them flaw hot as stars. Her legs began to shake with desire.

    She finally got the knot loose. She tugged and dragged at his suit, revealed a strained, tormented jock strap. Very carefully and tenderly, she liberated his thrusting tower, let it stand out from his strawberry blond bush. She wanted to curl her fingers around his jutting shaft, feel its heat, its hardness, its vigor and arousal. Instead, she shoved his jock and suit down, around his thighs.

    Then, gently slipping out of his grasp, she knelt and pulled his suit the rest of the way down. He stepped out of it, and, with a casualness she didn't feel, she got up and hung it beside hers.

    When she turned back, he made a token, totally futile effort to conceal his cock from her gaze. She disarmed him, eased his hands aside, and curled her fingers around his cock shaft. She was rewarded by an almost instantaneous spurt of crystalline pre-cum. Curious and horny beyond belief, she touched a finger to that gleaming drop, then lifted her finger to her mouth.
    A shiny, gossamer strand of the viscous fluid stretched from finger to dick tip.

    She tasted his seepings as he watched, astonished. At the same time, she fingered his pecker, smeared his slime over his hot meat. He tasted good -- sort of salty -- which surprised her.

    "Touch me again," she ordered as she fondled his cock. She slipped her fingers down under, found his balls. She felt them contract defensively and curled her hand around them, cupped them. They lowered their gentle weight, nestled in her palm like live eggs.

    His hands cupped her breasts, pressed, and her nipples tried to burrow through his palms. He formed living bra cups for her boobs and her whole body felt the warmth of his hands.

    She skated her thumb over the tip of his dick, slid on the thick coating of juices. By moving her fingers up the underside of his dick, she could milk drops from him at will.

    "Could I... could I kiss them?" Perry asked.

    Kim gulped as a red-hot knot the size of a volleyball formed in her chest. "If... you'd like," she whispered.

    She held his dick still, and braced herself. He only came up to her chin, so he barely had to bow his head. She felt his lips touch her nipple. An electric current lashed her nerve paths to flame. She squeezed his dick, hard, then released it and began stroking his tousled blond locks. He nuzzled her clit, then sucked on it. She felt her cunt spasm madly. He suckled on her breasts like a baby, first one and then the other. But he wasn't feeling the hunger of any baby. Her insides were steaming with horniness.

    Her hips began to hump as he nursed and nursed on her, fired her lust with his mouth. She tangled her fingers in his hair, pressed his face against her cushioned chest, felt his teeth dig into her tender flesh. His hands were on her, on her chest, curling under her breasts while his mouth worked on the tips.

    "Enough," Kim gasped at last and forced herself to ease him away from her burning breasts.

    "I'm sorry," he apologized, frightened.

    "It's all right," she assured him quickly. "It just felt... too good. It felt fantastic!"

    "Did you cum?" he asked, startling her with his bluntness and innocence.

    "Cum? Uh, no."

    "Oh," he said, obviously disappointed. "You don't know much about sex, do you?"

    "No sex-education class in school?"

    He shook his head. "It got cut from the school budget."

    Kim was glad she and Walter had helped vote the budget down -- though not for economic reasons.

    "I saw you... uh... playing with yourself once," Perry said.

    "Oh?" This, of course, she knew. But his admission, and the memory of the event, made her excitement twist tighter. "How much did you see?"

    "Not much," he admitted glumly. "I saw you put your fingers in yourself -- and the suntan cream."

    "Do you know where I put them?" Kim asked, her chest banded with steel.

    "Uh-uh," he admitted, shaking his head. She choked on the next question. "Would you... would you like to see?"

    Perry acted as if she had offered him a million dollars, tax free. "Yeah!" He started to bend down.

    "Wait. I'll sit down and you can kneel on the floor." She eased onto the bench, lifted one foot to it, then spread her thighs wide and exposed her snatch. She saw him shaking as he sank down at her feet. Slouching, she eased her ass to the edge of the bench.

    "You can touch me, if you want," she assured him softly.

    She looked down as his hands neared her pussy. Then his fingers touched her springy curls, stroked them curiously. A hair caught in his fingernail and tugged, stinging, at her labes.

    "Watch," she said, putting her hands on the outer edges of her pussy lips. She opened them like the valves of a clam, unveiled the shining pink heart, of her crotch to his astonished gaze. The air on her sopping folds felt like dry ice. It dried her juices, and triggered another sticky, slippery flood.

    "Gosh!" he gasped.

    Keeping her twat open, she slid one finger down to the weeping pucker of her cock socket. "That's my vagina," she explained, more clinically than she was feeling. "Just above it is my urethra. And, above it, sort of tucked in under that little hood, is my clitoris, or clit."

    "What does it do?"

    "It's... the part that... really turns a woman on when it's touched," Kim explained.

    "Can I touch it?"

    Kim braced herself before she agreed. But the touch of his finger against her nerve-nub still made her groan. Perry kept touching her clit, kept making it wriggle and squirm.

    "Enough," she said at last.

    He jerked his hand away from her clit guiltily. "Sorry," he apologized.

    "It's okay," she said, panting, shuddering.

    "Your vagina is where you put your fingers," Perry stated after a moment of silence.

    "And that's... uh... where I'd put my... uh cock, if I was to fuck you," he added. "Uh-huh," she agreed, her throat knotting. "Could I?" he asked hesitantly. "Why don't you... put your finger in me, first," she whispered.

    She felt his finger slip shyly between her slippery folds. She let her head sag back against the wall as a wave of lust raged through her, made her spread her legs even wider than before. She felt his finger worm around in her as he explored the velvety walls of her clutching tunnel. Then he touched her clit again, at the same time, and she moaned and her hips rolled on the hard bench.

    "Kiss it," she whispered.

    "KISS IT?!" He was shocked to the core by the suggestion.

    "Please," she moaned. "My clit, kiss my clit. You'll like it, honest you will! You'll like it."

    She felt hot breath on her clit. Then his lips touched her slick petals, and a flame front of ecstasy roared through her. Releasing her pussy lips, she grasped his head and guided his mouth to her clit. He kissed her, sucked a tiny bit, slipped her bud between his lips. His finger was squirming in, her vagina as his tongue stroked her firing pin closer and closer to the flash point.

    "Awww," she moaned. "I'm cuming," she wailed softly. "Awww, I'm cumming." Her voice trailed off, became a senseless gargle as the flames flogged her senseless. Shuddering and whimpering, she pushed his mouth away from her twat.

    "Did you cum?" he asked excitedly. "Did you really cum?"

    Kim nodded weakly. "I really did."

    "Gosh!" Then he frowned. "I guess you won't want to fuck now."

    Kim chuckled and felt her pussy clench with desire. "Oh yes I will," she assured him. "Oh yes I will."

    "You will!" He started to get to his feet.

    "But wait a minute, okay?"

    "Okay," he said, disappointed.

    "Don't worry," she assured him. "We'll fuck. You're kind of excited right now."

    "Well, sure!"

    "And that means," she went on, "that you wouldn't last very long inside me."


    "And that means it wouldn't be as good for me as it could be, nor as good for you, for that matter."

    Perry mulled this over. He was sitting on the floor with his legs slightly apart. He had his arms around his knees. His cock was a throbbing monument to horniness. "Gosh, what should I do?"

    Kim felt her joints and muscles creak as she moved the foot she had had on the bench to the floor, "Sit here," she ordered, patting the bench.

    When Perry scrambled to his feet, his dick swayed and flapped, flung a thick drop of lubricating juice away. He sat down on the edge of the bench. Kim slipped to the floor. She moved around, knelt in front of him. She kept her thighs tight together and her back straight. Her breasts jutted out proudly. Reaching up, she put her hands on his knees and eased them apart.

    "What're you going to do?" he asked, his voice cracking.

    She had a wicked gleam in her eyes. "I," she said carefully, "am going to suck your cock."

    His gulp was rather loud. Focusing her attention on his thrusting dork, she eased forward between his legs, and reached for the jutting tool. Tenderly, she gripped the base with thumbs and forefingers. The gentle grip produced a flood of clear juice from the tiny slit. The thick fluid slithered down his dick and pooled against one of her thumbs.

    Leaning forward over his cock, she licked the tip delicately. She tasted his seepings, inhaled his warm scent. There we an animal attraction to the aroma of his seepings, his sweat, even the sour smell from his humid groin. She licked his dick tip again, stroked the velvety cap, coated her tongue with his leakings.

    His prick was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen! His sparse pubic patch was a delicate pale reddish shade. His prick shaft was ivory pale, ribbed with bulging veins, collared by a hazy pink circumcision scar. The head was pink and bluish. On the underside, towards her, the groove between shaft and cap arrowed up toward the slit at the tip. The touch of her tongue on that point brought a throbbing, oozing response. She lapped up the results eagerly.

    Then she opened her mouth wide, and carefully cased it down over his cock. The first contact was with the back of her tongue. Her throat spasmed in a gag reflex.

    She closed her lips around his pecker, pressed her tongue against the underside, and slowly pulled upwards. His dick slid through her lips and along her tongue.

    Then, resting her arms on his smooth thighs, she eased her head down again, and began, very slowly and easily, to slide her mouth up and down his cock. She put her fingers on the part of his dick that she couldn't get in her mouth.

    It didn't take long. She knew it wouldn't. She felt his hips shifting and shoving as his lust boiled higher. She could see the hard tenseness in his gut as she slurped on his pecker. His thighs trembled, his legs closed on her, pressed in on the sides of her breasts. Her tits were just brushing the hard edge of the bench. They were burning like fire, making her pussy water blindly.

    The first spurt of his cum felt like a bullet ripping down the barrel of a rifle. She felt his prick tube squirm as the thick gobbet coursed along it. She felt it with her fingers, then with her tongue. She sucked, just as the first burning wad spattered the back of her mouth. The thick fluid spilled down onto her tongue, triggered the impulse to swallow, and a flood of spit from her salivary glands.

    The spurts came in powerful jets. She felt each as a hot prod at the back of her mouth. They reminded her of when she used to drink from a squirt gun when she was a child. Only this fluid wasn't cool and tasteless and thin. It was thick and gooey. It was hot and heavy with the flavor of sex. The scent of semen flooded her head. She swallowed and gulped the creamy jizz, pressed the spurting shaft with her tongue, milked it with her hands in an effort to drain it dry, to keep it spurting for as long as possible. She wanted to wring the last drops of pleasure out of the act for him, as well as the last drops of his first load of the day.

    When the spurting finally became twitches and seeping, she stroked his dick from base to tip with her hands. With her mouth embracing just the rubbery head, she sucked hard, dragged the last delectable morsels from his cock.
    She didn't stop sucking until his pecker was rubbery and shriveled. She had sucked the stuffings right out of it! Then she sat back and wiped off her chin. She looked up, saw the look of contentment on his face. His smooth, hairless chest was rising and falling evenly.

    "Wow!" he said at last. "That we better... better than..."

    "Better than when you use your hand?" she asked softly.

    "How did you know I did that?" he demanded. Kim bit her lip. "I could lie, and say that I only suspected you did it."

    "But you knew!"

    Kim bit her lip again and nodded. She was feeling a little ashamed of herself. "I, alt, did some spying myself," she confessed, wondering how he would react.

    "Oh?" Surprise. "Oh!"

    "Well, you did it to me," she pointed out defensively. Then she went soft and admiring, and patted his drained pecker. "You are awfully handsome, you know."

    "I am?"

    He looked down at himself. "Lots of guys are a lot hairier than I am."

    "I like men without much hair," she assured him.



    "Huh!" He thought for a moment, frowned wryly. "Well, no fuck today."

    "Why not?"

    He gestured at his drained dick. "Used up."

    Kim fought down a knowing smile. "Well, would you like to have lunch with me?"

    "Is it lunch time already?"

    "I've got some baked ham at home. And lots of milk and cola, and an overloaded cookie jar," she told him, resorting to bribery.

    "I was gonna have lunch here," he said vaguely.

    "Mine's free."

    "I guess we better get dressed, huh?"

    "You know my car?"

    "Uh, yeah. The yellow two-seater."

    "I'll meet you outside the back gate, okay?"

    Discretion made her say that. If he was seen leaving with her, tongues would be sure to wag. "Look like you're hitch-hiking, okay?"

    "Can I watch you dress?"

    She almost said he could, then changed her mind. "Later on, maybe. You go to your locker and remember where to meet me."


    She punched the garage door opener when they were still half a block away. The door began rumbling down before she shut the motor off. When Perry started to open his door, she stopped him, made him wait until the garage door was all the way closed.

    "Okay," she said at last, opening her door. If her secretive behavior puzzled him he gave no sign of it. He followed her into the kitchen and gazed around the sunlit room curiously. She tried to ignore the hot tenseness in her innards and began bustling about.

    "What'll it be?" she asked. "A sandwich?"

    "Uh, you got any peanut butter?"

    "Yeah, sure, if that's what you want."

    "With jelly, please, and milk to drink."

    "Here, you make your sandwich, and I'll get the drinks," she suggested.

    As they ate in silence, she wondered if kids had changed much since she had been one.

    "Perry?" she began hesitantly.

    "Yeah?" he asked warily.

    She wondered if she should call the whole thing off. Then she thought about what they had already done, and decided that stopping now was ridiculous. "What's the blood oath of secrecy for kids today?"


    She tried again. "What's the most sacred oath you can take? Cross your heart and hope to die? Something like that?"

    "Oh, never mind," she snorted, angry with herself. "What difference would it make anyway? You... won't tell anyone about what we've done, will you?"

    "Tell? Gosh, no!"

    Kim combed slender fingers through her short curls, then nodded curtly. "Good. It would cause both of us a lot of trouble if anyone found out."

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    Kim's belly squirmed as she eyed him. Her skin was crawling with anticipation. He seemed to be lingering over his food.

    "Had enough?" she asked when at last he began slowing down.

    "Gee, yeah, thanks," he sighed contentedly. "They were really good."

    "Glad you liked them," she noted, getting up nervously.

    "Guess I'll be heading back to the pool now," he said.

    She whirled toward him, stunned.

    "Don't worry about driving me," he added. "It isn't far. I can walk."


    His hand was on the door knob. "Thanks for the..."

    "You aren't really going to leave, are you?" she asked, fear congealing her guts.

    "Well, uh, you did say for lunch," he noted, confused.

    Understanding dawned, and with it a wave of laughter that bordered on hysteria. She fought it down when she saw his fear and embarrassment. "You thought I meant just lunch?" she asked softly.

    Perry gulped. "Didn't you?"

    Seemingly by accident, she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and rubbed the soft skin gracefully. He stood at the back door like a statue. His hand was still on the knob. She walked over to him. Her fingers touched his tee-shirted chest, stroked his developing pectoral muscles. His nipples hardened. "I thought, we should... uh... continue your education," she whispered. "Now, why don't you undress me?"

    "Undress you?" he squeaked.

    She smiled. "How to undress a girl is one of the most important things a boy can learn."

    "How to undress a girl?"

    "You start," she said, "by feeling her breasts through clothes, like this." She stroked his chest with her fingers. Her lust rose at the feel of his warm body under the thin shirt.

    His hands brushed her breasts, pressed them through her blouse, wrinkled her bra cups. When his shy fingers stroked over the peaks, her nipples began to ache inside her bra.

    She slid her hands down and eased his tee shirt up, bared his flat, trim stomach. Below his navel a thin line of golden hair disappeared into the waist of his jeans. She rumpled his shirt up, then, barely breaking his touch on her still-concealed breasts, eased it off him.

    "Then you unbutton her blouse," she went on, exploring his satin skin with her fingertips. "And ease it back off her shoulders."

    She let it drop to the floor. Goosebumps of excitement covered her arms and shoulders as he licked his lips and stared at her bra.

    This time he didn't need any prompting to touch her bra-cupped boobs. She held her shoulders back, thrust her tits out for his exploration. Her horniness raged higher. Unable to restrain herself, she unbuckled his belt, ran his fly down. His dick surged out against his underpants as his jeans flopped open and slid down his slender legs. Her hands dove inside his underpants and in seconds she had hold of his cock.

    Then she let go of his prick and turned her back on him. She reached behind herself and jammed his underpants down his thighs, exposed his cock and balls. "Unhook my bra," she ordered softly. "And then slide your hands around and hold my breasts."

    She clutched his pecker and leaned back against him as he fondled her soft mounds. She tactilely measured its length, girth, and hardness.
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    She let it slip over her ass as he fingered her tits. Finally she let go of his dong and shed her bra completely. Crossing her arms demurely over her boobs, she turned to face him.

    "Now my shorts," she ordered. She shivered at the touch of his hand on her fly-front pants. She looked down at him, at his sweat-beaded face, as he struggled with the zipper, then the hook. The shorts spread open, revealed the panties -- lacey, translucent, low-cut bikinis that made her snatch a mysterious shadow.

    Without being asked, he knelt to strip her shorts down. She stepped out of them gracefully. He stayed on his knees, and his fingers touched her pussy through the panties. It made her twat leak into the cotton crotch. She kept her arms crossed over her breasts, and let her legs part slightly. He explored her humid crotch through the panties, pressed her moist, hot softness through the material.

    When he grasped the hem of her panties, it was his idea, not hers. She felt them drag down, tug over the curve of her ass. She saw the first wisps of her bush spring outwards. Then he was dragging the panties down her long legs to her feet. He steadied her as she stepped daintily out of her last garment.

    Then, with no prompting from her, he nuzzled his face into her pussy. She moaned as his tongue stroked into her hot twat. She put a hand on his head to steady herself as she was rocked by a force-ten earthquake. He gripped her hips, clutched her ass, and burrowed deep into her snatch. Her guts were a sodden puddle of pure horniness.

    "Enough," she grunted at last, stooping slightly, withdrawing her cunt, lifting him by the shoulders. He came up against her. His bare chest pressed into her naked torso, mashed her tits into his satin smooth skin. For a moment, she squirmed against him. Then she pushed him away.

    "My turn," she explained, sinking to her knees and helping him out of the tangle of his shorts and jeans. His bobbed in front of her face -- a tantalizing popsicle that made her mouth water. Leaning forward, she sucked his dick in and gave it a short, tender tongue bath. She fondled his balls, felt them squirm in their thin sac.

    Then she surged to her feet and took his hand. "Come on. Let's go to the bedroom."

    He held back a moment when he saw the monster king-sized bed, then let her pull him into the brightly lighted bedroom.

    "If you need to go to the john, its through that door," she said softly.

    "Uh, thanks."

    Kim smiled and stared thoughtfully at the bed. Then a tremor of fear rockedher. Maybe she shouldn't do it after all. She remembered the taste of his jizz, the sight of his cock, and decided it was too late to stop now. She freed the pillows from the bed-spread, but left the coven drawn up. She lay down, on her side of the bed, and stared at the bathroom door.

    "Come," she said softly, beckoning with one hand. The boy had frozen in the door of the bathroom. His cock was waving as if searching for a target. She let her thighs part a little to display the nest that was waiting for his aching hard-on.

    He joined her on the bed, rested the full length of his satin-smooth young body against hers. His cock lay along her sleek thigh like a hot bar of iron. She felt his juice sting her skin as his dick leaked.

    Nuzzling against one breast, he cupped the other with his hand. He fingered her nipple, made her gasp. His lips found her other tit. She moaned as he bit the little bud gently. She groped blindly for his pecker and wrapped her hand around its long, hard length. Her thumb coated the head with his grease, then her fingers milked a fresh flood from his shaft.

    His hand abandoned her breast, though his mouth didn't. His fingers stroked down her slender torso, over the soft curve of her tummy, and combed through the curls of her pussy hair. She moved her thighs wider apart. Instinctively, he let one finger slide between her soft cunt lips and rub gently over her clit. She groaned with delight.

    Easing past her flaming pleasure spot, his finger moved to the funnel entrance of her vagina, eased into her streaming hole. Kim let her hips rise and hump as he probed her slick depths and sucked and nibbled her tit. She pumped her hand on his pecker as he finger-fucked her. Her palms made a wet sticky noise because his juices were so copious.

    He eased a second finger into her twat, stretched her tunnel, fed the flames roaring in her groin.

    Kim's butt heaved and rolled as she strained against the boys hand. His fingers began stirring her insides into a puddle of hunger. His palm on her clit was a warm, comforting, heavy weight. It was soothing her almost as much as it was arousing her. She spread her lop wide apart and he wrenched his mouth away from her tit. She saw him lift up, stare down at her gaping crotch, study his hand cupping her pussy, the fingers hooked in her hole.

    She wished, madly, that there was a mirror over the bed so she could see, too. There wasn't, so she comforted herself with memories of his lovely body and eager dick.

    Unable to bear the waiting any longer, she dragged him between her thighs. For a moment he resisted, not knowing what she wanted. Then he complied, and settled between her thighs with an easy motion. She curled her legs up around him, and he humped, rammed his cock at her groin blindly. He missed her cunt by quite a bit.

    She reached down and guided his cock to her hole. He thrust again, and this time his dong went into her cunt. She tried to hold him back, but he was young and impatient, and got the full length of his dork into her with the single thrust. One moment she was starving, and the next she had a complete feast.

    Kim hugged him to her and tangled her legs behind him. His cock doweled full depth in her belly; she locked him tight against her.

    "Jesus!" Perry grunted, his fingers clawing her ribs as he tried to get his arms around her.

    "Tell me what it feels like," she ordered hoarsely.

    "It's hot," he answered. "Burning hot. It's like I have my dick in a pot of hot water. And it's wet and slippery, too. It's all wrapped around my dick like a glove."

    "It makes me feel full," Kim informed him in a rich, throaty voice. "It makes me feel like I'm stuffed full of something heavy, and hot, and hard. It's stretching me. And you're grinding my clit, pinching it, crunching it like a bug under your heel."

    He squirmed, and she felt his cock slipping in her clutching tunnel. She relaxed her legs, let him draw his dork out, then slide it back in. She felt it stroke the walls of her cunt, send flaming ecstasy raging through her insides.

    "Oh, God! Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me."

    His cock pistoned in her cylinder, his pubic arch pounded her clit. He wedged his fingers under her, pried his hands under her back, hugged her hard against him. He humped his slender hips between her clutching thighs. His cock felt like a white-hot iron bar searing its way in and out of her. Her clit became a hot liquid and boiled through her bloodstream as her pleasure roared higher and higher and higher.

    "I'm... gonna... cum," he moaned.

    "Yes!" she hissed, clawing at his back, at his ass. She yanked on his tight butt, spurred him on with her nails as her hips heaved up against his.

    "Awwwuhhgg!" He erupted in her like Vesuvius. She felt his rutting ram spray her guts with creamy goo, felt every searing, spattering shot with her over-stimulated, over-sensitive innards.

    Her orgasm was like a fireworks display. The glittering, spattering, hammering series of explosions left her deaf and battered. When they finally died away, she flopped limply under her teenage consort. She felt his drained dick give a last feeble lurch in her flooded cunt. His body pressed her into the mattress and their chests squirmed on a layer of sweat as they both fought to catch their breath.

    Finally, she eased him off of her, out of her, rolled him onto his back on the wide bed. He lifted his head and gazed at her with amazement, admiration, and a lingering twinge of horniness. Looking at him lovingly, she tousled his already tangled, rumpled hair.

    "Was I any good?" he asked.

    She smiled. "That isn't a question you should ask, unless you're sure you'll like the answer. And, in that case, you don't need to ask it."

    "Oh," he said, crestfallen.

    "You were very, very good," she assured him softly.



    "You were fabulous!"

    "How can you make a comparison? I mean, I was your first, wasn't I?" She hoped she was and felt a twinge of fear that she wasn't.

    "Gosh, yeah!" Then his face fell. "I guess I can't make a comparison, can I?"

    Kim laughed. "I was teasing you, silly. A person always knows whether it's good or not. I'm glad I was fabulous. The first time should always be fabulous."


    "Because, no matter how it is, you always remember your first time."

    "Was your first time fabulous?" he asked. Kim thought back. "Hardly," she answered, managing to keep the bitterness out of her voice. What she remembered most vividly, aside from the pain of her hymen being ripped to bloody tatters, was that the backseat of the car had been cold and drafty and that she had been terrified she would get pregnant.

    "Gee, that's too bad."

    "Oh, I don't know," she said, brightening. "It makes yours all the more memorable since it was so good."

    He frowned, then accepted the twisted logic and syntax. "I hadn't thought of that."

    "I'm thirsty," Kim noted. "How about a soda?"

    He surged to his feet. "I'll get 'em. Where are they?"

    "In the refrigerator," she answered, and grinned as he dashed out of the room, cock flopping, and ass bouncing.

    "Bottle opener?" he called from the kitchen as she was propping up the pillows.

    "Drawer by the sink," she called, leaning back wearily and inspecting the sodden curls of her pussy.

    He came back with two bottles, and joined her on the bed. He sat cross-legged, facing her. His eyes stroked her naked body admiringly. She saw his cock starting to rise. Quite a difference, she mused, from her darling husband's total indifference to her.

    "You're beautiful," she noted.

    "Thank you," she said huskily, feeling her eyes misting over. "You're very handsome."

    "Thanks." He finished off his soda. "You done?"

    Kim shook her head. He was ready to go again. "Just a minute," she said, wondering if maybe she had more than she could handle. She lingered over the drink in spite of his fidgeting. When she finally handed him the empty, he lurched up from the bed. His cock waved heavily.

    "Where do these go?"

    "Under the sink."

    "Back in a minute."

    Kim wondered what she could do with him. He got back before she had decided.

    "You know what's fun after a fuck?" she asked, improvising quickly.


    "A nice long shower."

    His face fell. "Oh."

    She relented. "Together."


    "But first, I need to go to the bathroom."

    "C... can I watch?"


    He flapped his hands. "Uh, well, uh, I mean, I've never seen a girl... uh... go to... uh... take a leak. I just, it, wondered how you do it."

    Kim blinked, as surprised by her own horny reaction to his request as by the request itself. She bit her lower lip and tried to sort out her mad turmoil of emotions. "When I was your age, sometimes I'd do it in the shower," she mused.

    Perry's grin answered the question before he did. "I do, often. I mean, after all, it all goes the same place. Right?"

    "Right," she agreed. "Help me up, please."

    Hand-in-hand, they went into the bathroom. He fidgeted as she adjusted the water carefully. Then he jostled against her as they wedged into the tub and slid the glass doors closed.

    In the warm misty privacy of the shower Kim felt as young as the boy with her. Her insides were a hot, squirmy mass of excitement. The streaming water made the need to pee unbearable.

    "Watch," she said over the steaming wash of the water. Backing away as far as she could, she spread her legs and bent her knees slightly. Just as the flood bunt from her bladder, Perry bent forward. The yellow cascade surged from her pussy, and the shower instantly smelled of fresh piss.

    Kim inhaled with surprise when Perry reached out and let her urine flow over his fingers. "Hot," he noted, turning his hand in the yellow stream as it faded away. Kim began shaking in reaction. The pale liquid swirled around their feet and disappeared down the drain.

    "Now it's my turn," Perry noted.

    Kim watched, fascinated, as he gripped his semi-erect dick. There was a pregnant silence. Then a sloppy stream burst from the tip of his dick and splattered between her ankles. Without even thinking about it, she reached down and let the hot, hard column hose her hand. She was astonished at the heat, and the power behind it. Then it died away.

    Without a moment's pause, they came together in a wet, slippery embrace. Grabbing the soap, she lathered him, slid her hands down his body until she had his jutting hard-on in her slick fingers. He soaped her breasts, then reached for her sopping pussy, and eased a soapy finger deep into her flooded cunt.

    Releasing his cock after she had jacked her hand along it, she wiggled from his gasp and knelt, the water pounded down on her head. She bathed his long, strong, smooth legs from top to bottom, then turned him under the spray and did his back. As her fingers kneaded the hard globes of his butt, he pushed them at her invitingly. Unhesitatingly, she lathered the crack. His cock seemed to swell when her fingers stroked the pucker of his bung.

    Experimentally, she touched his asshole delicately. He gave a snort of pleasure, and looked back at her. "What're you doing?"

    Suddenly embarrassed, she stopped. "Nothing," she answered, hauling herself to her feet. "My turn."

    Obediently, Perry knelt, and his hands stroked her legs lovingly as he bathed her. He stood up, turned her around. She squirmed sexily at the feel of his soapy hands on her naked back. When he got to her ass he did the cheeks, but avoided the valley. Then he sank to his knees and did the backs of her legs. She felt a little disappointed that he hadn't explored the crack of her tail.

    Then his fingers parted her butt! She leaned forward, pushed her bottom toward him. His fingers pried into her valley, sent a wave of fire through her. He brushed her bum hole, and she moaned at the unexpected blast of pleasure. His soapy fingers massaged her puckery asshole. Every stroke sent a wave of pleasure ripping through her. A hat, horny itch was building in her. It was going to have to be satisfied sooner or later.

    "Lets finish and get out of here," she suggested, forcing herself to turn away from his stroking, probing fingers.

    In moments, still damp from the shower, they were together on the bed again. They sat facing each other, like Indians. This time he didn't waste any time on her tits, but went directly to her already-steaming pussy. As his finger slid up and down her exposed slit, she wrapped her hand around his jutting cock and stroked her thumb over the tip.

    She wondered. He had already cum twice. She wondered if there could be a third full-fledged fuck left in him. He had the hard-on for it. Bending forward, curling around so he could keep his hand in her cunt, she slipped her warm, sucking mouth over his jutting pecker, tasted the soapy cleanliness of his dork.

    When he twisted around and aimed his mouth toward her pussy, they tumbled side by side on the bed. She felt his head on her thigh. Then, after shifting one of his legs so she could do the awe, she devoted her full attention to his dick as he began raping her cunt with his tongue.

    "Not this way," she moaned at last, a lust raged through her. She pushed him to his back and squirmed around and straddled him. She reached down for his dong and aimed it up into her cunt. She watched his face as she slowly lowered herself onto his jutting tower. The pleasure on his face made her own horniness and ecstasy seem pale. Holding herself very straight, Kim screwed herself up and down on the seemingly inexhaustible teenager. The sun played over her slender body. He reached up and fondled her thrusting mature tits as she pogo-sticked on him.

    She fingered her clit while he watched. "Think you can cum again?" she asked, panting slightly.

    "I don't know," he admitted. "How come you're playing with yourself?"

    "My clit needs attention," she answered. "That's what usually makes a woman cum, having her clit stimulated."


    "Move around, sideways will you?" she moaned.

    "How come?"

    "Mirror," she grunted. "Want to be able to see."

    Now she could see! She could see the shining ivory column of his wang as she rose and fell. It slid in and out of her hairy crotch like a spear. The sight of it goring her groin sent her lust soaring higher. It split her inner folds, jammed into the tunnel of her cunt. A wave of juice spilled into his pubic bush, darkened its pale reddishness, made it stringy and soggy.

    "I think I'm gonna cum," he grunted. "Aw, Jesus, this is gonna be a sonovabitch. Aaawwnnggghhh!"

    She saw his cock spasming and pulsing. She felt his jizz spurt up into her, and saw a pearly wave spill out around has pumping, pulsing column. Then her own cuming wiped out everything but her pleasure. She saw a hot, pink flush blossom on her spitted snatch. Then she slumped forward and lay down on the teenage boy. For the first time in years she was totally exhausted and totally sated.


    "Well, how was he?" Jenny asked with wicked innocence.

    Kim thought she carried it off quite smoothly. She only had to mop up half a cup of coffee. "How was who?" she responded casually, her brain working furiously. "Or, is it whom?" she mused, while her mind ran flea squirrel in a cage... and got nowhere.

    "That beautiful guy you had over here the other day," Jenny said calmly.

    "There wasn't anyone here," Kim said, and instantly knew it was the wrong answer. She should have made up some mythical chore for Perry, rather than deny his existence completely.

    Jenny made a rude snorting noise. Kim sighed and gave in. "Oh, you must mean Perry."

    "As if you didn't know who, or whom, I meant," Jenny said, brushing her red curls off one shoulder.

    "How did you spot him?" Kim asked.

    "Saw him creeping out of here. Looked like a sneak burglar when he went over the back fence."

    "Oh." Kim frowned.

    "Should have told him to use the gate, like he had taken a short cut," Jenny said. "Or like he was leaving after mowing your lawn."

    "I guess you're right," Kim agreed, deliberately avoiding Jenny's real question about Perry's competence at fucking.

    "Call him up and get him over here," Jenny said into her coffee cup.


    "Come on, fair is fair! I loaned you my vibrator!"

    "It's hardly the same thing!"


    "Anyway, let's face it. He's just an animated vibrator," Jenny said crassly.

    "Jenny, Perry is not an animated vibrator," Kim protested. "He's a sweet, sensitive boy."

    "And he can fuck like a rabbit," Jenny finished for her. "Look, Kim, I don't want to blackmail you, but I could. And I don't want to assume a maternal air, but you could get in a real tight spot having an affair with a kid like that. You know what kind of crushes kids get."

    Kim had already been worrying about it.

    "I want a good fuck," Jenny went on. "I'll admit it. And besides, if you and I had so much fun, and you and he had so much fun, think of how much fun you and I and he will have."

    It took a bit more talking on Jenny's part, but Kim finally gave in. In half an hour she was wiping sweaty palms on her shorts as she and Jenny waited for Perry to arrive. She thought of what she and Perry had done, of what she and Jenny had done. Her mind went soft as mush win she thought of what might happen today.

    "Should we get naked before he gets here?" Jenny asked.

    Kim tried to get her brain working. For a moment, she thought not, then changed her mind. It would instantly set the tone for the gathering. She and Jenny were both nude when Perry knocked on the door.

    Carefully hiding behind the door, Kim opened it. When he saw how she was dressed, or rather not dressed, Perry stopped dead still for a moment and gulped loudly. "Hi," he squeaked.

    "Hello, Perry," Jenny said, appearing in the kitchen doorway. She had her arms folded under her lust breasts; legs crossed casually to reduce her red bush to a tantalizing triangle of curling hair.

    "Mrs. Kelly!" Perry yelped.

    "How nice that you know my name. Now we don't need to be introduced," Jenny said.

    Kim tried to be casual. "She saw you leave the other afternoon."

    "I was real careful!" Perry wailed.

    "It's all right, Perry," Kim soothed. Then she explained how he should have left. "Anyway," she went on, "Mrs. Kelly, Jenny, and I have... uh... done some things together, and she thought maybe the three of us could... uh... have some fun."

    "You two?" Perry asked. "Then what the girls were saying is true."

    "What were the girls saying?" Jenny asked, cocking her head. She didn't seem to be alarmed.

    "They said you two were lezzies," Perry explained.

    Kim remembered the cluster of girls that had been jump roping the morning she had been introduced to Jenny's vibrator.

    "I told 'em it wasn't so, that I was sure it wasn't so," Perry went on. "On account of what you and I did, Mrs. Sanderson. A lezzy wouldn't do that, would she?"

    "Of course not, Perry," Kim assured him.

    "We did do it," Jenny announced. "But we're not lesbians. We're just two lonely women who enjoy sex, and take it where we can find it."

    "Oh," Perry said, relieved.

    "And," Kim said, moving toward him and reaching for his belt, "this is where we're going to find it today." She had his pants at half mast and her hand around his jutting, gorgeous cock. "Isn't he beautiful?" she asked Jenny.

    Jenny nodded.

    Kneeling, Kim helped Perry out of his pants and tee-shirt. She curled an arm familiarly around his shoulders. "Let's go to the bedroom. You can study the differences between us women."

    They sprawled on the bed with Perry between them. Kim released his pecker as Jenny eased over and lowered her mouth to the thrusting tool. Contenting herself with her hand on her breasts, Kim watched as Jenny took the boy's dong between her lips. Kim hadn't ever seen a cock being sucked. The sight of Perry's dork in Jenny's mouth made Kim's blood boil. Having sucked that dick made it all the better. Kim could remember how it tasted and felt as she watched Jenny.

    After a moment of looking down at his prick, Perry turned toward Kim. "Jeez, that feels good," he moaned.

    Kim smiled. Her cunt was streaming from the sight of his prick being feliated, his trim body writhing hornily because of the sucking and stroking of Jenny's skillful mouth. Kim recalled Jenny's mouth on her own pussy, and her lust raged higher.

    "Remember how you ate me?" she asked.

    Perry nodded tensely.

    "Do it now, okay?" she asked, squirming to her knees on the bed. She straddled him, offered him her neat, trim brown muff. She eased a pillow under his head when he lifted it.

    His mouth fastened on her pussy, and flames roared through her like a bonfire. She looked down as the freckle-faced youngster nuzzled deep in her steaming twat. His lips working, his tongue probed deep into her flooding cunt. He was scooping out waves of gee with his tongue, while his cock was sucked on by Jenny. It seemed, if anything, to urge him to new depths rather than distract him. Kim linked her fingers behind his head and held his face against her cunt.

    "My clit," she moaned. "Find my clit."

    Obediently, the mouth chewing on her slick folds worked upwards and fastened on her mini-prick like a leech. She felt him draw the nubbin out on its stalk. Then his tongue lashed the berry unmercifully.

    Kim wasn't quite cumming, but was so close to the peak she didn't really care. While Perry flogged her clit with his tongue, she heard Jenny sucking and gulping Perry's dork. When Kim looked sideways at the mirror, she could see Jenny, on her knees, her ass high, fucking nearly the full length of Perry's pecker into her sucking maw. Perry's hips were heaving, his ass tightening, as he fucked his dick up into Jenny's willing mouth.

    He was about to cum. While Kim watched, his hips heaved and thrust, hard. Jenny was digging down between his thighs, under his balls. Coils of her rich red hair hung down around her sweat-shiny face as she slurped on his dick. Rivulets of spit drizzled down the ivory column. Her jaw worked a she sucked the cum from his balls through the straw of his dick.

    Perry moaned into Kim's snatch. The vibrations sent her pussy into convulsions. She managed, somehow, to keep her eyes focused on Perry's dork as it swelled and pulsed -- just the way it had in her cunt! She imagined the creamy gout of jism jetting into Jenny's mouth, and saw Jenny swallow as she was hosed with cream.

    Almost as if she knew Kim was watching, Jenny opened her mouth, and eased away, let Kim see a thick spurt burst from Perry's prick tip and land an her tongue. Jenny made a gut-knotting show of how she was getting Perry's sex juices, savoring the pearly cum, gulping it down.

    Kim's orgasm knotted her over as it roared higher. She realized that she must be nearly suffocating poor Perry. Her cunt spasming angrily at being abandoned; she let go of Perry's head. He sucked in a blubbery breath through her snatch folds, then returned to her juicy pussy. Kim curled over him in a convulsion of ecstasy. He didn't stop mouthing her twat until she fell sideways off of him and lay on her side, panting and exhausted.

    "Hey," Jenny grunted, "you weren't supposed to do that." She didn't sound angry.

    "Sorry," Kim apologized. She was still catching her breath.

    "Everybody cum... but me," Jenny complained.

    "Maybe we should show Perry how us, ah, lezzies, can make it together," Kim suggested.

    In a moment Kim and Jenny were head to crotch. Knowing that the boy was watching rekindled Kim's lust in a moment. Willingly, eagerly, she parted Jenny's red bush, peeled the labes back, exposed the shining pink gash. Laid out like a textbook photo in front of her were the hooded clit, the dimple of the pin hole, and the flowery opening of Jenny's cunt. Kim felt Jenny's hot breath on her snatch, and blew a cold stream of air on Jenny's clit. Jenny's hips bucked. Kim lowered her mouth to Jenny's clit and began to suckle on the passion-berry.

    The bed jiggled and shifted. Kim looked over and found that she was the object of Perry's close study. The sight of his sharp blue eyes feasting on her Sapphic lunch sent her horniness raging higher than ever. She closed her eyes and held in her mind the vision of Perry's fascinated stare. She pulled away from Jenny's twat a little so he could see how she was rasping her tongue over Jenny's nubbin of lust. Then Kim cased her attention down farther, and raped Jenny's cunt with her tongue.

    Finally, Kim hooked her hands under Jenny's butt and buried her face in Jenny's fragrant red snatch. When she felt Jenny's ass pinching and spuming orgasmically, she kept right on until Jenny began moaning for relief. Jenny's moans brought Kim to the brink of another cumming. Then Jenny had to pull free in search of air.

    Kim flopped away and lay on her back. Jenny's juice was diving on her cheeks and chin. She looked over in time to see Perry take her place between Jenny's gaping thighs. His hard-on rebuilt by the pussy eating, he knelt between Jenny's legs and bent his cock to its task. Jenny lay sprawled on her back, seemingly oblivious to what was about to happen. Then the cock rammed into her snatch.

    Jenny's moan of ecstasy made the hair on the back of Kim's neck rise. As Kim watched, Perry speared the lush red-head with his cock, then stretched out on top of her.

    "Don't move," Jenny whispered hoarsely. "Just let me feel that lovely, lovely dork of yours in my guts."

    Perry didn't answer, but obeyed. Her green eyes hazed with passion, Jenny turned and looked at Kim. "Jesus, I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a live dick in me!"

    Kim began fingering her pussy and settled down to watch. "I wish he had two of them!"

    "Fuck me," Jenny moaned.

    Kim watched as Perry pistoned his prick in her best friend's pussy. The sight of his trim white butt rising and falling made her mouth water. Impulsively, she reached over and stroked his satin butt with gentle fingers, then eased her hand down between his legs and fondled his balls as they jiggled and swung. Mother inch, and she was probing Jenny's snatch, feeling Perry's dork slide into Jenny's juicy hole.

    "God, who is that?" Jenny moaned.

    Kim laughed. "Who do you think it is? George?"

    "Don't... mention his name! Aaahhhh," Jenny groaned as Kim wedged her finger in beside Perry's prick.

    Kim remembered the jolt of pleasure she had felt from Perry's delicate exploration of her asshole, and eased her finger out of Jenny's cunt, and sought instead Jenny's butthole. Kim was working blind between Perry's thighs as he continued to screw his dick into Jenny's fountaining twat.

    A touch, and Jenny wailed. She doubled up, folded her legs to raise her ass and improve Kim's access to her winkie. Kim circled the pucker of Jenny's bung, skated on the juices streaming from Jenny's twat.

    As she tormented Jenny's asshole, Kim eased close and closer to Perry's bobbing butt. Then, without even thinking about it, she began to lick his pale cheeks. She wanted to eat him up! But all she could do was lap at his sweaty crack.

    "Christ!" Perry snorted as her tongue stroked his butt. Without missing a stroke he spread his legs, opened his as crack to her slithery probe. His fucking went from a deep stroking to a humping screwing that minimized the movements of his tail. Kim buried her face in his ass crack, dug between his satin cheeks with her tongue.

    "Aawwww," Jenny wailed as Kim forgot what she was doing and twisted her finger into Jenny's shitter. "Don't stop!" Jenny wailed. "Don't stop!"

    Kim was digging her tongue tip at Perry's bung, and felt the puckered ring begin to spasm as his ass cheeks clutched her face. He was cumming! She was feeling his cumming in his backside, feeling him pump his jizz into Jenny's cunt.

    Kim's pussy creamed with frustration as she screwed her tongue into Perry's twitching bung, her finger into Jenny's, and felt them both.

    Then Jenny's spurns began to fade, and were replaced by a driving pressure. Willingly, Kim let her finger be driven out of Jenny's butt, extracted her face from Perry's tail. Cursing her horniness, Kim abandoned them and went to the bathroom to wash her soiled hand and fragrant face.

    She was sitting on the pot when Perry barged in without knocking.

    "You okay?" he asked worriedly.

    Kim shivered and nodded. "I guess so."

    "Is this a private party, or can I join it?" Jenny asked from the doorway.

    "Why not?" Kim asked, with a trace of bitterness.

    "Hey, Poopsie, I'm sorry," Jenny apologized. "It just kind of happened, you know?"

    Kim leaned sideways into Jenny's embrace and cushioned her cheek against the other woman's soft tummy... and smelled sweat and sex. "I know it," Kim sighed wearily.

    "How about a shower?" Jenny suggested.

    The three of them in the tub was all bumping breasts and asses and cock. Without planning it, Kim found herself between Perry and Jenny. The two of them lathered her from head to toe. Then they sandwiched her between them, surrounded her with soft, warm, loving, wet, soapy flesh. She caught one of Jenny's thighs between hers, and twisted her head, kissed Perry while his re-vitalized dick squirmed insolently between her ass cheeks.

    "Know what really drove me mad?" Jenny asked as they rinsed. Her hands were kneading and fondling Kim's breasts.

    "What?" Kim asked as she curled her fingers around Perry's cock and wiped the soap from his pecker.

    "Your finger up my tail," Jenny answered. "Really?" Kim wasn't overly surprised. "Jeez, when you licked my ass I thought I was going to explode," he noted, his fingers combing tenderly through Kim's pussy.

    "I... liked doing it," Kim admitted. "Only it made me awful horny..."

    Jenny chuckled. "You still horny?"

    "You have the solution right in hand, you know," Jenny noted.

    Kim looked down and realized she had been absent-mindedly squeezing Perry's distended cock.

    "Get 'em while they're young! They got great stamina then," Jenny observed.

    Kim dropped his dick, embarrassed, then defiantly gripped it again. "This time he's done," she told Jenny.

    "Bet your bippy," Jenny agreed. "I'll take his mouth."

    "Hey, don't I get any say in this?" Perry asked.

    "You're just a kid," Jenny sniffed.

    "I'm a good fuck, aren't I?" he retorted.

    "Don't let your ego get bigger than your dick," Kim warned.

    "Let's get out of here before we turn to prunes," Jenny urged, stepping out of the tub.

    Kim had a mad idea as they dried off. She dared herself to try it. Her legs began shaking as she led the way to the bed.

    "We're nuts you know," Jenny said.

    "Isn't it wonderful?" Kim responded, getting out a jar of petroleum jelly. "Come here, Perry."

    She sat on the bed, her insides churning with fear and lust. Taking a gob of the yellow grease, she began to smear it over the boy's hard-on.

    "What're you doing?" Jenny asked, puzzled.

    "You got it up the rear," Kim noted tightly. "Perry got it up the rear. Now, I'm going to get it up the rear."

    "What?!" Perry erupted, backing away from her. "Damn! I wish I'd thought of that," Jenny said. "Now wait a second," Perry protested.

    "What's the matter? You chicken?" Kim demanded.

    "No, I'm not chicken. But..."

    "Shut up," Kim ordered brusquely. "I don't know much about it, but it seems to me I heard somewhere that it's one hell of a treat."


    "That's right, my butt," Kim agreed, finishing his cock. It was gleaming with a thick layer of oil.

    "I wish I'd thought of it," Jenny said again.

    "Better luck next time," Kim told her, then handed her the jar of grease.

    "What am I supposed to do with this?" Jenny asked, eyeing the petroleum jelly.

    Kim crawled onto the bed, and aimed her tight white mat her red-haired neighbor. "Oil my hole, of course."

    "Oh, of course," Jenny agreed wryly.

    "Come on! Before I lose my nerve," Kim pleaded, wiggling her tail at the two of them.

    "But..." Perry stammered.

    "Quiet, Junior," Jenny ordered rudely. "From the looks of that hard-on of yours, you aren't nearly as reluctant about this as you're pretending to be."

    "But I don't know how to do it," he complained.

    Kim felt Jenny apply a big glob of cool, oily goo to the crack of her ass. "Didn't know how to fuck until I showed you," she pointed out tightly.

    "It's easy," Jenny added. "I'll aim you. All you'll have to do is push."

    "What if I hurt her?"

    "Let her worry about that."

    Kim was beyond answering. She suspected Jenny was deliberately making a big production of oiling her bung in order to get her ready for the penetration. Kim shuddered as Jenny smeared her anus with the slick grease. Then there was a pause as Jenny reloaded.

    "Son of like giving an enema," Jenny noted, putting the tip of her finger against Kim's hung.

    Kim felt the pressure build, and then moaned as Jenny's finger slid inward on a cushion of grease. Kim's tail blazed and her twat watered. With a soft sigh, Kim rested her cheek on the bed, then groaned with frustration when the lovely buggering finger left her.

    The bed jiggled and shifted, and then there was something else at her back door. It was bigger and blunter than Jenny's finger. It was also hotter. It pressed at the gate, harder and harder, a battering ram trying to force an entry. For a moment, Kim's asshole resisted. Then she realized she was doing the wrong thing, and battled to relax the tight sphincter.

    "Uh," she grunted at the feel of her hole suddenly wedging open.

    "Jesus!" Perry grunted.

    "Push," Jenny urged.

    "Awwww," Kim groaned as she fought to admit him, fought to open her bung. She felt him drive against her. The pressure on her ass built as he relentlessly wedged his way in. Pint, until he began to stretch the ring of muscle, it was an itching pressure. Then it started to sting and ache. But, at the same time, the feeling was so glorious she couldn't have asked him to stop. She had to have it, all of it. She shuddered. The muscle ring stretched and she felt his cock drive deeper into her asshole. Her lust roared higher.

    Then was a slithering feeling, a burning, and he paused for a second. She felt like she had a pulsating telephone pole in her rear opening. For a frightening second, she thought he was cumming.

    Then he drove into her again, and she felt his piston push smoothly through her distended hole. She moaned into the mattress as her tail blazed like tire and her lust like the heart of a star.

    "Jeez," Perry moaned.

    "All the way," Jenny whispered homely.

    Kim moaned as he stroked his wang full depth into her tail. His trim hips jammed up against her split butt; his balls swayed and slapped her snatch. Her insides went into a mad series of convulsions -- crazy lust cramps that made her curl tight and then relax. His hard-on felt like a rigid iron rod in her rectum.

    "Bum me," she moaned. "Hurry, I can't take it much longer."

    Perry obeyed, dragged his dork out and rammed it back in. She thought for a moment she was going to turn inside, out with the friction. Then her heat raged higher, swept away the fear and pain, left her a sodden heap of desire.

    Perry blistered her ass with his strokes. He pushed her waist hard as he reamed her with his cock. His balls slapped her streaming pussy with every stoke. Kim was being flayed alive with pleasure.

    "Gonna cum," Perry warned.

    "Cum," Kim moaned wearily, and warily, and eagerly. "Oh, Jesus, cum!"

    He did. It felt like a subterranean bomb test. Her own orgasm flared and flickered as she felt his cock spasming in her distended asshole. She knew he was unloading his cum into her crap-clotted depths. It lasted practically forever, and ended too soon and too late, too soon for her pleasure, and too late to avoid the driving agony of trying to shit out the mass of meat. Kim eased forward and felt his cock slip through her rear gate like a mammoth turd. She flopped on her face as her asshole sealed in the hot lava of his cum. She wondered what she was likely to wind up doing next.


    Kim tried to fight down the surge of excitement she felt from Al Lomata's touch on her shoulders, and concentrated on combing her hair. She could feel his dark eyes on the nape of her neck.

    "Now, you don't mean that," he chided gently, his fingers toying with the soft wisps on the side of her neck.

    "Get out of here, Al," Kim repeated, her voice quivering as the comb crackled through her hair.

    "I'd get drenched," Al pointed out, indicating the downpour beyond the closed locker door. Flared blue-white and thunder hammered at them, punctuated his statement.

    "Since you're wearing a bathing suit, it hardly matters," Kim noted, shuddering from the slow stroking of the side of her neck.

    "Might get struck by lightning," Al added, his breath burning her ear.

    Kim felt as if she had been struck by lightning when his lips touched her throat. She flinched away, and by mistake bared her throat to him as if she was surrendering.

    When the thunderstorm had struck, everyone at the pool had dashed for cover. Kim, just out of the water, had grabbed her towel and sprinted for the bathhouse. Rather than stand on the porch with the sewing circle she had gone to her locker. Just as the downpour had descended full force, she had unlocked the door. Before she knew what was happening, Al had pushed into the cubicle with her.

    "Please," she moaned as his lips nibbled her jugular. She clenched her fist, and felt the teeth on the cheap comb crumble.

    "I figure with Perry sway for a couple of weeks, you need all the help you can get," Al said softly, chilling her to the core.

    "What do you mean?" she asked, trying to bluff her way out of it.

    Al laughed, and his eyes met hers in the mirror. His hands were on her shoulders. "Amazing what you can see from below the bathhouse floor," he observed softly.

    Kim felt a little relieved. At least Perry hadn't talked. But how many people knew now? She thought it had all been secret -- until Jenny had homed in and Perry had mentioned the lesbian rumor that was making the rounds. And now Al knew.

    Kim did miss Perry. For a week he hadn't shown up at the pool. She had been afraid that maybe the wild scene with Jenny had frightened him off. Or, worse, that someone had found out about the two of them, and he had been sent away to stop the affair.

    "So, I thought while Perry's on vacation with his folks, I'd sort of fill in, if you know what I mean," Al went on.

    Kim crossed her arms defensively aver her breasts as Al insolently eased the straps down off her shoulders. "Just what exactly do you mean?" she demanded, in spite of the horniness that was raging through her. They were sealed away in gray curtained privacy by the pounding downpour. Cool mist from the door swirled around them.

    "Well, I saw that little biology lesson you gave the kid," Al noted. "I had sex ed in school before the budget cuts, but it was nothing like that." He nudged her backside with his hard-on.

    "No," Kim moaned. It was barely a whisper.

    "He's just a kid," Al said. She felt him unhooking the bra of her bikini. She kept her arms folded over her breasts, kept the suit top in place. Al's hands slid around her sides, weasled their way up under the cups of her bra, and took possession of her tits. "I've got eight solid inches, eight solid educated inches tot that cavity of yours."

    "No," Kim repeated, battling her own lust as much as his. His fingers pinched her tits, and flames lashed her. "No," she whispered unconvincingly. She wasn't protecting her tits now, she was pressing his hands into her breasts.

    "Let me see 'em," Al urged. His tongue flicked the side of her throat as he peered at her in the mirror. Taking her hands, he moved them off her jutting breasts, let her bra tumble off. She writhed feebly against his grip on her wrists, which made her breasts shift and jiggle enticingly.

    He bent her arms down and behind her with humiliating ease, forced an arch into her spine that thrust her jugs out. She felt the hard lump in his suit, and tried to pull her hands away. She didn't succeed. Instead, she fingered the throbbing hard-on through Al's suit and jock.

    "That's it," Al grunted as she fumbled with his dork, then tried to pry her way into his suit. As she worked her hands into his tight swim trunks and fondled his pecker, he began toying with her breasts again. Flames raged through her when he pinched and rolled her nipples. He was staring at her reflection in the mirror. So was she. The sight of his tanned fingers on her pale jugs was a real turn-on. Her nipples jutted out between his thumbs and forefingers as he pinched them, made them ache and burn.

    He sank his teeth into the side of her throat, and she moaned. His cock felt enormous. Was it really eight inches? She was stroking it, up and down, up and down, feeling the skin slide over the hard core.

    Her lust didn't fade when he released her breasts. She didn't try to escape, since she knew now that escape was impossible. Instead, she leaned back against him while she pumped his pecker, and let him slide his hands down her trim tummy to the bottom of her suit. She let his fingers slip seductively inside the bikini, and felt him press her fingers in as he pried his way into her crotch.

    She let her legs slide apart, let her rubbery knees bend as he rammed her aroused snatch. His finger pressed her clit and wrenched a hot groan out of her. Her hips humped and rolled as she fondled his dong, made a circle of her finger and slid them up and down the hard, slick length.

    "Yeah," he groaned. "That's the way!"

    "Oh, damn," she moaned as her lust forced her on and on and on. She knew it was wrong, knew she was risking even more trouble than she already had. This was all she needed! Another teenage lover! Christ! She'd be flayed alive when word got out, and the didn't see how it wouldn't sooner or later.

    She wondered if Walter would divorce her.

    She pumped her hands on Al's thrusting dork, and felt his hips hump. She wanted that dong in her snatch. She wanted it in her ass, too. Her bung clenched. The mammoth shaft was separated from it by only two bathing suits.

    "I'm gonna cum," Al warned. But it was too late. It was a senseless warning anyway. She knew he was going to cum. She had known he was going to cum.

    She felt his thick, sticky semen hose her hands like gooey acid. She cupped her palm over the spurting head, felt every squirt pressure out against her hand. The thick, fragrant jizz coated her fingers. She massaged a sloppy hand over his dong. Her insides heaved with horniness at the feel of his cuming.

    "Too bad, lady," Al said, easing his hands out of her bathing suit, leaving her pussy aching and unsatisfied. "Shouldn't have done that. I got mine, but you aren't going to get yours."

    Kim had the feeling his statement was a challenge. "Oh? Think so?"

    "Yeah," Al answered, turning toward the door.
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    The thunderstorm had slacked off to a simple downpour.

    "No stamina?" she taunted just before he unlatched the door. "Crap, what kind of a stud are you? Perry can make it three times in one afternoon."

    "Bullshit!" Al snorted, turning back.

    "So, don't believe me," she shrugged. Her unfettered breasts joggled, caught his eye. "Fact is, if that's all you've got in you, you're not worth bothering with."

    "It's not all I've got in me," Al retorted, stung. "I don't see any sign to the contrary," Kim said, pointing at his cum-stained suit, and the evidently flaccid dick in it.

    "Oh, yeah?" Al growled. "What's this?" He yanked his suit down and exposed his drained dong. It was still slick and shiny.

    "Pretty feeble if you ask me," Kim snorted. Her horniness was driving her on. It wasn't feeble. Even limp it was impressive. She wondered if his estimate of eight inches had been conservative.

    "Well, you're hardly giving it any reason to stand up," Al responded, taking the offensive. "I've seen better than that from my kid sister."

    "She's got tits like these?" Kim asked, lifting her breasts.

    "I mean she shows me more," Al answered. "Like a little pussy."

    Kim wondered if Al had something going with his sister. The thought was only a fleeting one as she yanked her bathing suit down and bared her brown muff. She kicked the suit away, and stood with her hands on her hips and her feet spread. "Well?"

    His eyes raked her. There was lust in them, but his dick didn't respond. He glanced significantly down at his still-limp wick. "Doesn't really seem to grab him, does it?"

    Kim frowned. How had she wound up on the defensive again? The real point, though, was what was she going to have to do to get fucked?

    Moving towards him, she reached down and fingered his rubbery penis, let it slither over her hand. Her cunt steamed with hunger as she fondled his sticky, drained dick.

    He hadn't been circumcised. She pulled the foreskin back, bared the glans. She gently fingered his dick head. Still the tool remained resolutely unimpressed.

    Sinking to her knees, she became a carnal supplicant, began mouthing his man-gooey cock. She used her tongue to probe inside the foreskin and tease the tip. She was rewarded by a slow expansion of the shaft.

    "Suck it," Al ordered, his hands touching her head gently. "Suck it." He gripped her head more firmly and guided her at she sucked his pecker.

    Kim held his dick between her fingers and washed away his earlier cumming with her tongue. Turning the expanding tool this way and that, she carefully cleaned every throbbing inch. The head was protruding from the sheath now, though only a little bit. She spun her tongue around and around the jutting knob. It grew and thrust out, like a snake emerging from its den.

    "Suck it," Al groaned.

    She pressed the soft skin glove back with her lips, and nicked the head with her teeth. His cock was half hard now. It was already bluer than Perry's at its best. Kim's cunt drooled when she thought of being ravaged by Al's enormous tool.

    "Oooohhh, yeah!" Al grunted as she stroked his dork with her tongue. His fingers tangled in her hair as he thrust with his hips, rammed his dork to the back of her mouth. Her nose was still inches from his curling black bush! Her jaw was wedged wide by the bulk of his shaft. Her insides steamed at the thought of having that mammoth dong ram into her. He was going to be ready soon! Soon she would feel that piston pounding her innards.

    "Suck it, bitch!" Al snapped.

    Kim's pride and anger flared, and she deliberately sank her teeth into his wang.


    "Just a little reminder to respect your elders," Kim warned, getting gracefully to her feet.

    "Jesus, you coulda warned me," Al noted, looking down at his cock anxiously. Some of the stiffness had gone out of his hard-on.

    "Sit down over there," Kim ordered, pointing. Still muttering, Al obeyed. Kim knelt at his feet, but not subserviently this time. Gently, she brought his dong back to life with her mouth. It stood up like a flagpole in his groin.

    "Now," she said contentedly, "we can see just how good you are."

    She straddled him and aimed his cock up into her twat. Slowly and carefully she wedged the head of it into her streaming hole. It took a superb effort to keep from dropping and goring herself on the towering shaft.

    Steadying it with her fingers, she eased herself down on it. She swayed her hips forward and back, forward and back, moved his cock like a pump handle as she wriggled it deeper, and deeper, and deeper into her hole. Her neck was corded with strain, her guts were knotted. She was holding her breath, but didn't realize it until her chest began to ache. Then she paused, with a third of his dork in her twat, and sucked in a deep, shaky breath.

    "Jesus," Al moaned.

    Kim eased down a little more. She could feel the walls of her cunt push inwards from the friction, could feel them being stretched by the marvelous bulk of his tool. Her legs were on fire from the strain of the slow spiking. She slipped, and took an inch all at once. The shock made her grunt with surprise.

    "Christ!" Al swore.

    "Think... you're so damn... great huh?" Kim snorted.

    "I'm big!"

    "Bigness doesn't mean a damn thing."

    "My gill friends think it does."

    "And your sister?"

    "Leave her out of this," Al warned.

    "You were the one who mentioned her in the first place," Kim pointed out reasonably. She had half his cock in her. It filled three-fourths of her tunnel.

    "Just [missing text]."

    "Okay," Kim agreed, sensing his anger as much with her cunt as with her ears and eyes. "What do girls know? That's all they are, girls. You're with a woman now, stud. I'm not asking you to prove a damn thing. Just don't let the size of your pecker go to your head."

    "Are you going to talk or fuck?"

    "A little of both," Kim answered, refusing to relinquish her control of the situation. She slipped down on his pole, and sucked in her breath. "God that feels good, I must admit."

    "Think you'll be able to take it all?"

    "I'll take it all, and then some," she answered, dropping the rest of the way onto his lap. For a moment she couldn't talk because her insides were convulsing from the sudden jamming. The head of his wang was rooting blindly against the end of her clit, stretching her.

    She squirmed, swiveled her hips, and felt his bludgeon stir in he belly. She rose, moved up off him until just the head of his cock was still contained by her sheath. Then she eased slowly back down. She loved the hot stroking of his meat against her twat walls. Linking her hands behind his neck, she leaned forward, and let her head hang and concentrated her full attention on the exquisite fullness of her pussy.

    Al slipped his hands up and cupped her breasts, fondled her jugs as she rose and fell very slowly. He pinched her nipples and mashed her soft globes against her chest as she eased up and down on his pale. The noise of the rain on the roof and the unshielded corridor outside droned out the soggy, squishing sound of their coupling. She opened her passion-glazed eyes and saw sticky, wet juice in his thick black bush. The sight of his mammoth prick splitting her pussy made her boil with lust. She wondered how long he was going to last, since he had already cum once in her hands.

    "Jeez, you're hot," Al grunted.

    "Thanks," she panted. "Now shut up and fuck me."

    "Thought you wanted to chat?" he teased.

    "Not right now I don't," she managed to groan. She was getting close to cumming. Her hips swung and swiveled and his cock battered her cunt like a bludgeon.

    "Oooohhhh yeah!" she sighed as an orgasm flared through her. Her tint spasmed around the unyielding billet jamming it as flames surged through her. She held very, very still as her ecstasy pulsed, then faded to a marvelous plateau of pleasure.

    Then she began to move again, began rising and falling on the cock jammed into her cunt. Al shifted his hands from her tits to her waist. She let him take some control of her moves, let him set the speed of her pistoning. His hips heaved and squirmed, jacked his big dork up as she came down. Their bodies smacked together with meaty slaps.

    "Oh man, is that good," Al groaned. "You gonna cum again?" she asked. "Shit yes!"


    "Not yet Christ, I wish I could go on like this forever."

    "Me, too!"

    "Bet that little squirt Perry can't hold a candle to this!"

    Kim felt a flash of anger. "You've got a long way to go before you know as much about sex as he does."

    "Taught him all you know, huh?"

    "Bet your ass," she snorted, and skewered herself down on his tower.

    "And just how much is that?"

    "You'd be surprised. Now shut up, will you?"

    "If I do, I'm likely to cum. So why don't I keep talking?"

    "Shut up!" she repeated, and began moving faster and harder. She felt her breasts joggling from the jolts. His fingers bruised her gut as he squeezed, helped her rise and fall, tried to slow her down.

    "Come on," she urged. "Cum in me. Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me."

    "Oh, yeah," he moaned. His hips heaved, rammed his cock into her hard.

    "Together," she chanted. "Together. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummiinnggggg!"

    Al's blast was like high-pressure steam. His cock slammed up into her spasming, fountaining pussy. She felt his monster rod pulse like a dinosaur heart, felt his semen slam against her cunt end. She remembered how thick his cream had felt when it had spurted against her hand. She felt every wad splatter her twat, then ooze back down around his dork and spill into his thick pubic patch. Leaning slowly forward, she abandoned her mind to the flaming spasming of her glutted vagina. At last it was all gone and his dick was slowly shrinking, letting her stretched folds contract. Her pussy walls convulsed in a flaring-after-shock cumming, then went soft, left her sated and relaxed.

    Al's cock was still half-hard when he tried to dislodge her. "Hey, get off, will you? This is breaking my back."

    Kim stirred and sat up, but remained astride him with his pommel jammed up her twat. "That better?" she asked, unwilling to abandon the cunt link with him.

    "Better," he grunted. "But not great."

    Kim felt a flicker of anger at his impatience, then with herself. What did she expect, after all? To him, she was a quick lay, and absolutely nothing else. To Perry, perhaps, she was more than that.

    Which opened a whole uncomfortable train of thought.

    She heaved herself up off his lap and his dick flopped clear of her sodden cunt. Sick with horror, she fell against the locker door. The latch, insecurely fastened, snapped free and the door burst outward.

    Kim slammed against the opposite side of the corridor and pressed her bare body against the rain-slicked wall. Then she slowly slipped to her knees on the hard, chill planks. Icy rain hammered down on her back, and her shoulders, washed any the sweat that filmed her naked flesh.

    Slowly, Kim stretched out nude under the pounding gray sheets of rain, stinging raindrops, thick and hard the way they are in a summer thunderstorm, battered her face, her cheeks, her throat, and her gut. They whipped her tits into flame and raped her exposed cunt. She spread her legs so they could hose her clean.

    "Hey, get back in here," Al called from the locker.

    "Fuck you!" Kim retorted. She was answered by a blinding bolt of lightning directly overhead.

    Thunder hammered her, tried to smear her into the deck. The rain came even harder. It was so thick it made her choke. She felt it rivering over her flesh, streaming around her body, pummeling breasts and cunt and thighs. The big drops battered her pussy. She pried her cunt lips open, and the rain pounded her naked exposed hash. Her clit was whipped mercilessly by the uncaring deluge. Chill spurts actually douched her vagina.

    She willed them to wash away the filth that coated her. The feeling of being fouled and cruddy did go away, but was, unfortunately, replaced by searing arousal from the ripping stimulation.

    While lightning shredded the sky above and thunder made her can ring, Kim writhed in the deluge. Her hips heaved and rolled from the aqueous intercourse. It was like a million stinging whips were flaying the flesh from her bones. She roared upwards. Somewhere, not far away, feet slapped wood as someone sprinted from their locker to the exit. Kim felt the vibrations with her back and shoulders, and knew they could be sprinting down the corridor she was in.

    She didn't care. She didn't care if they saw her. She didn't care what happened to her. She was a helpless slave to her own raging lust and wantonness. The rain had whipped her to a searing cumming. She gurgled with pleasure, spouted and sputtered against the water as her orgasm flared, made her deaf and blind to everything else.

    Then it was done, and she was left with just the pain of the rain hammering her flesh. With a miserable groan she rolled to her knees and crawled back into the locker. She was chilled to the bone and shivering convulsively.

    To her surprise, Al swaddled her in a dry towel and cuddled her, warmed her, dried her. He held her while shudders racked her like earthquakes. When she finally managed to stop shaking, he let her go long enough to reach out and push the locker door closed.

    "Get out, Al," she whispered.


    She won't able to face him. "Get out!" she repeated. "And if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone, I'll swear that you raped me."

    "Now wait a minute!" Al protested.

    She looked at him, let him see the pain in her soul. "I'm not denying my guilt. I'm protecting my reputation. Now get out of here!"

    Al stand at her. "Another time, maybe?"

    "Never again," she said softly, not sure she meant it.

    "There'll be another time," he said, certain this time. Then he was gone.

    She knew he was right. There would be another time.


    She fought down the tear. The sound of the dial tone finally jarred her into putting the receiver back on the hook. She tried to understand how he could do it. He had promised to be home for supper at six! It was their anniversary.

    The phrases rang in her ears -- "something's come up" -- "vital report" -- "unavoidable, probably have to stay in town all night."

    Kim looked at the dinner table, the candles, the gleaming crystal, the newly polished silver.
    Then she looked down at herself, at the sleek, clinging floor-length dress. The cleavage to her navel revealed the inner curves of her breasts. Her back was bare to the swell of her rump.

    She kept hearing him say, "Sorry... I'm sorry... I'm really sorry." Her disappointment turned to anger. Well, he was going to be really sorry! Because she was going to prove to him, and to herself, that she could interest men, and not just boys who wanted to get their rocks off.

    As she backed the car out of the garage, she nicked the dress up to keep it out from under her feet, and told herself bitterly that she had tried to live by the rules. For a solid month now she had tried. She had avoided Perry, though conscious of the puzzled hurt in his eyes. She had dodged Al, ignored the insolent wisdom in his face. She had even rejected Jenny when she had suggested a joint session with the vibrator.

    Kim's twat was a searing knot of horniness. Well, tonight the rules were off. If Walter was too dense to notice her, she would find someone who would. A man, a real man! Walter could go fuck his dictaphone for all she cared.

    The only trouble was, it had been so long since she had been out alone, she had no idea where to start. The lights of a shopping center caught her eye. She pulled in and studied the line-up of stores and shops. A tavern. Just what she needed!

    She was suddenly scared. Not scared of what she was about to do. Thinking of that only made her horniness rise. She was terrified that no one would notice her. That was the real honor, the thought that she would be ignored. That would be the final blow.

    It would mean that she would be reduced to seducing kids barely beyond puberty. She had to prove that she wasn't a cradle robber. She had, to prove that she was attractive to mature men, and that she could find satisfaction with them, not just with hairless, trim kids.

    She twisted the rear-view mirror and checked her reflection, patted one stray curl into place. Her make-up was still perfect. It was so delicately applied it was hardly noticeable. Angling the mirror lower, she adjusted the neckline of the dress. The only flaw had been the faint stripe of her bikini top. A little body make-up had fixed that.

    Her tits were hard, her palms sweaty, as she slipped out of the car and started for the bar. She felt unbelievably conspicuous under the hard glare of the mercury lights. As she crossed the parking lot she had the feeling that the few shoppers were staring at her, at her elegant dress, at her lithe beauty.

    It made her stand a little bit straighter. A man just about to enter the bar opened the door for her and stood aside. She nodded to him as she swept through the door like a queen.

    The brightness of the parking lot was replaced by the dim yellow glow of candles. To the right was the bar: gleaming dark wood, red-cushioned swivel stools. A few booths with small round tables were tucked up against a partition. Behind the partition, tables were set for dinner.

    "Two?" a waitress asked, taking two menus out of a holder.

    Kim glanced around, puzzled. Then she realized the waitress had made a mistake. The man who had held the door was standing behind Kim, trying to get past her.

    "I'm alone," Kim said, stepping aside so the man could get by her. He sat down at the far end of the bar, and studied her reflection in the mirror behind the ranked bottles.

    "One," the waitress corrected suspiciously, putting one menu back.

    "I'll have dinner later," Kim said, heading for the bar.

    When she cased onto one of the stools, the bartender eyed her warily, then made his way towards her. "We have table service if you'd care to sit in a booth," he said diplomatically.

    Kim met his gaze steadily. "This will be fine, thank you. A vodka martini, very dry."

    Evidently he had correctly gauged her determination; he didn't try to argue her away from the bar. Kim dug into her purse for money while he made her drink. Then he was back, putting down a little square cocktail napkin, placing the martini on it.
    She slid a bill across the shining wood.

    "It's been taken care of," he said, with a trace of disapproval.

    Kim looked up and caught the eye of the man who had held the door. He grinned, and she nodded politely. The way he was looking at her made her heart race. She drew the money back and put it in her purse.

    The martini was barely starting to warm her blood when her benefactor left his seat, and, drink in hand, slid onto the stool next to her. "Are you alone?"

    "Not any longer," she answered, returning his stare boldly. His eyes slid down from her face, to her barely concealed breasts, then came back up to meet her eyes. "You like?" she asked.

    "Very nice," he assured her. "For sale?" She was a little startled by his bluntness. "No!" she replied, more sharply than she intended. Then she softened her tone. "Not for sale."

    He cocked his head with regret. "Too bad I'm meeting some buddies of mine here."

    "Why is that too bad?" she asked.

    "There are certain things that are better done just two by two," he answered. "Rather than going four on one on a fast break."

    The basketball terminology was lost on Kim, but she got the general idea. "That depends on your inclinations," she replied softly, her eyes holding his firmly.

    He frowned warily. "What's your game, anyway?"

    She licked her lips and felt her chest tighten and her nipples stiffen. "No game. No limits. No strings. No charge."

    "No limits?" he asked cautiously.

    "None." Her cunt was steaming.

    "Hey, there he is!" someone called from the door.

    "Prove it," he said to her as the three newcomers started towards them.

    "How?" she asked as the extra men surrounded her and listened to the word play.

    He didn't answer, but touched her thigh. She flinched, then sat perfectly still. One slender arm was resting on the bar, with the fingers on the empty martini glass. Her other hand was in her lap. His hand slid from her knee toward her crotch. She didn't move. She wasn't wearing any panties, and the soft clinging material of the dress was not going to hide that fact from him. His thumb pressed down near the upper edge of her pussy. She licked her lips.

    "What's happening?" one of the new men, a blond, asked.

    "Quiet," one with dark wavy hair ordered softly.

    The man who had bought Kim the drink shifted his hand from her thigh to her shoulder. He slowly slipped the strap of her dress over, farther and farther. She felt more and more of her breast being exposed. Finally, her nipple eased free, jutted into the cool air of the bar as the dress slipped down her arm. Kim's guts were boiling as the four men eyed her bared tit.

    When she was sure they realized her ultimate intentions, she shrugged back into the dress, slipped it over her breast just as the bartender descended on them.

    "What'll it be, gents?" he asked, in a way that was a warning against any trouble.

    "Nothing, Mac," the man who had first held the door for her answered. "We're leaving."

    Kim could hear the bartender thinking good riddance, as she was helped down from the stool, surrounded by the four men, and escorted to the door.

    "My car's right here," the blond indicated, pointing to a big sedan.

    "We'll go to your pad, since you're the bachelor," the man who had picked Kim up said, nodding to the guy with the wavy dark hair. "First names only," he announced. "I'm Jack. The blond there is Dennis. The handsome one is Tony, and four-eyes there is Sid."

    Kim scanned them, matching names to features, not that it mattered. She knew she would never see any of them again. "I'm Kim."

    Dennis drove. Tony sat in the front seat with him. Kim was sandwiched in the back seat between Jack and Sid. Jack's tweed sports jacket was rough against her arm.

    At Tony's apartment, Kim didn't waste any time. Her cunt was already a boiling swamp of hunger. She also didn't dare hesitate, for fear she would chicken out. If she tried that, at this point, she was sure things would turn ugly.

    She checked that they were all watching her and crossed the modem living room. The overhead light played over her smooth shoulders. She turned, and slipped one strap down and off, bared that breast. The other strap followed, so she was stripped to the waist in a moment. Beads of sweat gleamed on the men's upper lips as they stared hungrily at her nude torso, her aroused nipples, the rise and fall of her tense breasts.

    Hooking her thumbs in her dress, she skinned it down over her hips, let it fall around her ankles. She was nude. She carefully stepped out of it and left it crumpled on the floor.

    She became the center of a swarming knot of men. Hands pinched and stroked her bared tits, probed her pussy, fondled her waist and belly. Her nipples were being pinched and tortured, her cunt rudely poked.

    "Easy!" she grunted at a particularly brutal probing of her buff. "You'll all get a chance. Let's have a drink first, okay?"

    Reluctantly, they abandoned her, left her feeling rumpled and aroused. She carefully spread herself on the couch. Half reclining, she accepted the offered drink. They were all staring at her hungrily.

    "What's the bit, anyway?" Dennis asked Jack. He acted as if she weren't present, even though he was staring right at her.

    "No limits," Jack answered. "You saw in the bar. No limits, no charge, no strings."

    "You mean, she'll do anything?" Dennis asked, not believing his ears.

    "That's what she said," Jack assured him. "And I believe her."

    Kim looked from one to the other, her eyes very steady, her guts in a turmoil. She wondered why she didn't feel hornier. The horniness was there, but it was like a low pilot light, rather than a searing flame. "Before the night is out, I'll prove it," she promised, fingering one of her breasts languidly. Her legs were crossed, not out of modesty, but for comfort.
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    They could see a triangle of pussy hair between her sleek thighs as she toyed with her clit and sipped her drink.

    Dennis began unfastening his belt. He ran his zipper down and bared his jutting dark. He wrapped his hand around his thrusting cock and waved it at her. "You can start praying it right now. Come suck my dick."

    Kim's lust flared up. The man should have looked ludicrous, his trousers down around his ankles, his shirt parted by his hard-on. But all she saw was his cock: ivory-shafted, pink-knobbed. A thick shining drop of mice started toward the floor on a lengthening gossamer strand.

    Kim lowered her feet to the floor and turned around on the sofa. Reaching out, she gripped the head of Dennis' dick, and drew him towards her. He stumbled, then kicked free of his tangled pants and loafers.

    Kim leaned forward and guided his pecker to her mouth. Holding his prick steady, she licked it while the other three men closed in to watch hungrily. She licked and lapped at Dennis' dork, curled her tongue to its curve as she stroked the underside, bathed the rounded head.

    Then she closed her lips around the hot, hard shaft and slid it toward the back of her mouth. Holding the base with one hand, she eased it farther and farther back. At the same time, she gently cupped her fingers under his balls and let them roll around on her palm.

    Her lips rounded by his cock, she sucked. She let the bulbous head jam into her throat, tried to swallow it like it was a too-big bite of steak. Dennis gripped her head and forced her to take more of his dong, jammed his throbbing hard-on down her throat.

    Then she regained control of her head and began moving it back and forth, began fucking his dick in and out of her maw and sliding her tongue along the underside. Hot juices boiled from the tip and coated her tongue. A trickle of spit drizzled down her chin as she coated his prick with saliva.

    There were rustlings and stirrings around her as the three watching men struggled with their own clothes. They stripped without taking their eyes off her cock-sucking. She was surrounded by a forest of peckers.

    She felt Dennis' balls drawing up close to his groin, felt his ass clenching. He was about to cum. She stroked his dong with her tongue, then backed away so his dick tip was just beyond her lips. She wanted them to see her take the jetting spurts, so they would know she was getting his creamy load. She pumped her fist on his spitty prick, cupped the tip of her tongue under the knob as the shaft spasmed in her grasp.

    The first stinging shot went clear to the back of her throat and almost made her choke. The next spurts were thicker and heavier and slapped down on her tongue. She eased forward and engulfed the fountaining dork with her mouth, and absorbed gout after gout of semen. She swallowed the foaming waves of saliva and man-juice.

    The spurting died away. She sucked, drew the last dribbles of jizz from Dennis' exhausted prick. As his pecker drooped, she released it and licked it clean with long sweeps of her tongue.

    No sooner had she finished the blonde's dick, than there were hands on her, turning her, pressing her down on the sofa. She lay back. Feeling strangely detached from her body, she spread her legs, exposed her steaming twat. She felt chill air stroke her aroused pussy folds.

    Jack was between her legs now. As his friends looked on, he aimed his cock into her raging pussy. Kim reached down and helped his dick find the target, then looked around at the others as she was drilled by Jack's mammoth dork. She clutched him hard and let lust roar through her as her channel was jammed with dick.

    With one heel hooked over the back of the sofa, the other foot trailing to the floor, she was wantonly split as Jack humped between her thighs. She writhed and heaved, let her hips rock and roll with wanton abandon. Every stroke of Jack's prick set her cunt on fire; her clit was pounded, pinched and rolled as his pubic bone slammed against her. His hands mashed her breasts as he pried in between his chest and hers. He bruised and scraped her tender globes. His thick mat of chest hair burned her flesh.

    She was rising upwards on a foaming wave of pleasure. The knowledge that three men were watching as she took dick made her lust roar higher. She writhed in exhibitionistic wantonness. She loved being fucked in full view and bright light by a total stranger, while other strangers waited their turns. She could still taste Dennis' cum as she humped and hunched her way toward a fountaining cumming. She clawed at Jack's back as he rammed into her harder and harder.

    He crammed deep into her, and she sank her nails into his clenching tail. She let a moan of lust escape her lips as she felt searing waves of sperm juice hammer her innards. Her twat spasmed madly around the spurting prick. The two convulsions reinforced each other until she and Jack were both jerking madly.

    Then Jack was off and away, and Tony was climbing between her ravaged thighs. The feel of his cock ramming into her flooded hole made her heave and groan. She sank her nails into his shoulders. His hips hammered at her and his cock slammed into her with quick, sharp, hard drives that rocked her to the core. His pubic bone cracked against hers with the force of a sledgehammer, sent shock waves jolting up her spine to her eyeballs.

    Her thighs rubbed raw by Tony's hairy hips, Kim let her cumming foam over her as she clawed his muscular, hairy back. Her chest was being scoured by his thick mat of hair. Her tits were bruised and sore from being ground between her ribs and his, and before his, Jack's. The cum in her belly was swilling around as the mammoth cock stirred her cunt.

    Tony dug under her hips and sank bruising fingers into her butt, held her as he rammed her. His teeth sank into her shoulder as he humped into her gaping groin. She felt him lurch, between her thighs. Then he was full depth in her, and his dick was leaping and spurting like a firehose gone berserk. Yet another wave of male cream flooded her already swamped body, filled her to overflowing with thick fluid. She felt it flowing back out between her spasming cunt walls and his still-spurting dick. A hot, tickling trickle drizzled down from her gorged snatch, spilled over her bung hole, burned coldly between her ass cheeks as Tony yanked the globes apart and drained his balls into her.

    Tony lay panting on her as his dick slowly withdrew from her depths. Finally, he heaved up off her. Kim lay sprawled on the sofa, dazed from the ravaging. Her twat was spasming as if in search of something. That something was not long in coming! Sid knocked his glasses against her cheek as he rammed his dick blindly at her. Reaching down, Kim grasped his pecker and directed it to her inundated hole. His first stroke pistoned in, and displaced a wave of jizz that spurted goolly down her ass. He fucked her with quick, nearly delirious jammings of his hips, slammed into her fast and hard, made her cunt blaze from the friction.

    She was cumming. Again? Or still? She didn't know, and didn't really care. She didn't even try to hold onto the man on her, just lay there limply as he rammed into her. She felt boneless and crushed and drowned. She was barely aware of a snapping sound. Her ears were ringing with lust and the sound of cock pounding cunt. Then Sid hunched hard and she felt his cream spurt into her depths. Her twat gave a few exhausted spasms of its own. She moaned as flames flickered up and then faded away.

    "Jesus, a camera?" Sid asked as he hauled himself up off her.

    Kim blinked and focused blurrily on Jack just as he snapped the shutter, captured her on film. She was wantonly sprawled wide open. Her pussy was sadden with the cum of three men and her chin was crusty with jizz and spit from sucking the fourth. If ever there was a gross, pornographic display, this was it.

    The camera flicked at her again, and she smiled weakly, felt a crazy trickle of pleasure. Let the whole world see! What did she care? Besides, she had told them there were no limits. She couldn't go back on that now.

    "Sure will liven up those long lonely nights an the road," Tony chortled.

    "Yeah! And you don't have a wife you have to hide the photographs from," Dennis griped.

    "Ain't my fault you got hitched," Tony pointed out.

    The camera snapped again. It was one that developed its own prints, Kim noted idly as she lay there, her legs still spread wide. Trying to increase the sexiness of the pose, she cupped her breasts and fingered her rigid rubbery nipples. Jack obligingly snapped another picture.

    "You got any more film?" he asked Tony while Kim lay languidly on the sofa.

    "Sure," Tony said, getting another film pack.

    "How... how about some action shots?" Sid suggested.

    "Hey, yeah!" Dennis said avidly.

    "How are you gonna hide them from your wife?" Tony teased.

    "You let me worry about that," Dennis snapped.

    "What sort of action?" Jack asked.

    "Anything!" Dennis answered, nervously brushing back his blond hair.

    "How about she sucks your dick again?" Jack suggested, focusing the camera on Kim.

    "Okay, but I want to screw her next," Dennis said.

    "So don't cum in her mouth already," Jack snorted.

    "Sit up," Dennis ordered.

    Obediently, Kim drew her lop together, and turned and sat on sofa. She was boiling inside with mingled lust and disgust. She leaned forward and encircled Dennis' dick with her dainty lips. Then she gently fondled his testicles. She heard the camera snap at her. It was a hungry, carnivorous sound.

    She kept sucking on his cock until he pushed her away. She leaned forward and peered curiously at a developing print. Her insides curled with horniness when she saw the photograph of her mouth stuffed with cock.

    "Now me," Tony ordered, presenting his thrusting hard-on.

    Kim engulfed his dong with her lips, and heard the camera grab her gross image once again. But Tony didn't give her time to really suck his dong -- just left her with a lingering taste of jizz and her own cunt juices as he quickly retrieved his dong from her lips.

    Then it was Jack, with Tony handling the camera. Finally, Sid produced yet another dong for her to devour. She slouched back on the couch, her mouth thick with the taste of sex. The men clustered around the photographs, drooled over them. She wondered if this was all there was to be. She felt a twinge of regret.

    Reaching for her glass, she sluiced away the sex taste with a swallow of alcohol. The smokey bite of the Scotch warmed her belly. She crossed her legs, pinched her oozing slit shut. Idly, she studied the men who had fucked her. The sight of their dangling cocks did nothing for her. She found their hairy bodies vaguely repulsive. Yet, at the same time, attractive. She couldn't help comparing them with Perry, who was so young and clean-looking. She found the men's mature sexiness a little disgusting.

    Jack looked up to where he was, coating the prints and leered at her hungrily. "No limits," he marveled.

    Kim managed a tight smile and felt her insides steam up again. "None," she answered.

    "Hey, how about some shots of her getting fucked?" Dennis asked.

    "Why not?" Kim responded, her insides coiling tighter. Why not, after all? The only thing she hadn't done so far was get burned; and she suspected that was going to come sooner or later.

    Probably, she let them pose her, find an angle that would show the actual penetration of her snatch. She was a toy in their hands, a living doll. They had her sit, on her back, kneel on hands and knees, and finally stand. She was bent forward and her hands were placed on the back of the sofa. Her ass jutted back towards them. A cock plunged into her flooded channel. The camera snickered at her as her hole was drilled by dick after dick.

    Their first urges satisfied, the men now seemed prepared to cling to their hard-ons. They showed no interest in finishing their stroking in her. And, actually, she had no desire to make them cum, because she knew that would bring the evening to a close.

    And, when the evening came to an end, she was going to have to face herself, and what she had done. So, she abandoned herself to the mad lust, let it blot out her worries. She let the four strangers fuck her and photograph her over and over again.

    "Christ," Dennis growled at one point. "Wish the fuck my wife would do something like this."

    "What? Whore for the whole town?" Jack guffawed.

    "No, but let herself go a little," Dennis answered.

    "I wouldn't mind getting a stroke into her hole," Tony admitted with rakish glee.

    "I wouldn't mind you doing it," Dennis answered recklessly. "But she'd never go for it."

    "Why don't you ask her?" Kim said suddenly.


    Kim eyed him. "How do you know she won't do it, unless you ask her!"

    "Are you saying she'd go for Tony here?" Dennis asked.

    Kim pursed her lips. "Put it to her the right way, under the right circumstances, and she might. She just might."

    "Ridiculous," Dennis snorted, turning away. But Kim could see she had started the wheels turning in his head. Tony grinned at her. She grinned back.

    "I... ah... hate to bring this up, but it's getting kinda late," Jack pointed out.

    Kim spoke up quickly, almost desperately. "How about a last go around? Anything goes?"

    "How about it!" Sid agreed. His tone was so horny it made her hair stand on end.

    "Save time," Kim added, choking on her desperation. "Two at a time."

    "Right on!" Tony agreed and guffawed loudly.

    Before she could back down, Kim found herself on her knees on the sofa. Her elbows were resting on the arm. Behind her, Sid was aiming his cock between her thighs, and then sinking his tool deep in her cunt from behind. In front of her, Tony waved his heavy hard-on at her lips. Leaning forward, she engulfed the towering dork while lust raged up inside her. She felt the cock piston in her cunt, and sucked hard on Tony, took his prick to the back of her throat. Then, instead of letting him draw back and push in again, she worked her lips like she was devouring an over-sized string of spaghetti. She slowly worked his cock-head deeper and deeper, drove more and more of his hot, thrusting prick down her throat. Inch by agonizing, ecstatic inch, she took dick, until she had his cock-head down her gullet. Her nose was buried in Tony's thick bush. His hands were locked behind her head. He rammed his hips forward.

    Kim held it as long as she could. She felt Sid pumping his dong in her snatch. A vague vibration drummed up through her body. Her vaginal walls were numb they had been pounded so many times by so many cocks. She felt Sid's balls drumming her pussy as he humped into her with quick, sharp drives. The camera was snapping at her again. She held Tony's cock in her throat as long as she could, until sparkles danced in her eyes and her lungs were aching for air. Then she pushed at his thighs, drove him away, and extracted his cock-head from her distended glottis so she could suck in a life-saving breath.

    Tony raped her mouth with his dick again and again, but she never let, him as deep as he had been the first time. She stroked the ridged length of his pecker with her tongue, sucked hard on it, drew more blood into the already distended mass. Sid's cock slammed into her harder and harder. He was brushing her buttocks with his hips. His balls curved under and slapped her clit, sent little bolts of lightning ripping through her.

    Tony's cock swelled, and spat, and she began choking on his jizz as he gripped her ears. She swallowed the head of his jetting dork once again, wedged his cock-knob into her throat as he geysered gout after gout of creamy, aromatic semen down to her belly. Her twat spasmed around Sid's dick. She felt him lurching in her cuntal depths as he poured another steaming load into her guts.

    She was nothing more than a tank for their sperm! Tony and Sid unburdened their balls, then dropped away, left her panting and gasping, her head hanging wearily.

    The shifting and jerking of the sofa warned her something was coming. The touch of someone's dick at her asshole made her moan, made lust rage upwards through her.

    "Hey, man, that's the wrong hole!" someone commented.

    "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it," Dennis chuckled, pushing his dick against Kim's brown bung. Kim moaned and pressed her forehead down on the arm of the sofa. She fought to open her asshole to him. His path was greased by the waves of jizz that had flooded from her twat. She felt his pecker slowly prying her open, wider and wider, as he thrust mercilessly at her asshole.

    The camera snapped, and her shitter winked, and Dennis' dick gained what felt like a mile but was probably a quarter of an inch. Then a cock bobbing inches from her eyes distracted her from the burning pleasure of her buggering. She lifted her head, saw that Jack was holding his dick to her lips. She leaned forward and kissed his pecker-tip, then slowly slid it into her mouth as Dennis gained pound in her butthole.

    The cock in between her teeth did something to Kim. She felt her asshole relax. Dennis' dork burned through her dilated sphincter, pistoned far, far into her ass tunnel. Finally, his hips jammed up against her butt and his balls swung and slapped her drowned pussy. Jack clutched her head and screwed his dick down her throat. It opened to admit his prick.

    For a fleeting, flashing moment, Kim had a vision of the heads of the two cocks meeting somewhere deep in her body -- two moles going opposite ways in the same tunnel. She wondered if they realized they were both using the same hole, just different ends of it.

    Then Dennis pistoned his dick in her tail, and everything vanished in the mingled pleasure and pain of the buggering. Jack stroked his dick in and out of her mouth, rammed it down her throat as she fought to suck in a desperate breath. She choked, then managed to synchronize her breathing with Jack's strokes. Her nose was being battered against his pubic arch as he rammed the full length of his bloated dork into her willing mouth.

    Dennis' dick felt like it was puffing her inside out, then stuffing it all back in. Kim was cumming. Her twat dripped stupidly as if it had a cock in it. She was a pipe for cocks! The raging torrent of pleasure swept her brain away in a tattered whirl. When Jack began to jet his load down her throat, send it to join the other loads already flooding her belly, she carved another notch in her cumming climb. And when she felt the dick in her ass pulsating like a live animal, giving her a semen enema, she crested into a glittering never-never land of carnal pleasure that wiped away the last vestiges of her consciousness.

    She roused to the feeling of the cold edge of a glass being pressed to her lips. She swallowed and choked as straight Scotch seared her already battered throat. She slowly became aware of a multitude of pains. The insides of her thighs were raw. Her chest felt like it had a bad sunburn from the hair burns. Her twat was a mass of abused tissue. She had a sore throat from swallowing cocks. Her asshole felt as if she had just taken too big a shit.

    "You okay?" Jack asked, worried.

    Kim managed to nod. She was afraid to talk with her ravaged throat. She glanced around, saw that the men were all dressed. She was still naked.

    "Dennis is ready to drive us back to the bar to get our cam," Jack pointed out. "He's got to be getting home or his wife will start to worry."

    Kim thought sarcastically that was really very thoughtful of him. She was helped to sit up. The room whirled around her for a moment as she felt cum trickle from her pussy.

    She got to her feet and slipped her dress on over her aching body. The soft material fell closely and caressingly against her bare flesh. It felt soft and warm and loving.

    "Uh, here," Jack added, thrusting something into her hands. She looked down. It was a sheaf of photographs. She leafed through them, amazed. There was one of each of the men a they took her, one way or another.

    "Why?" she croaked.

    "We didn't want you to think we'd blackmail you," Dennis explained, fiddling absently with his keys.

    "This way, you could blackmail us as easily as we could you," Tony added.

    She looked at the four of them, and felt a wave of gratitude that made her eyes sting. "Thanks," she said homely. "Thank you very much."

    Later, safely in her own car, she watched them retreat to theirs and drive away. The parking lot was nearly deserted. A few cars were parked near the all night drugstore at the far end. Wearily, she started the engine, then glanced in the rear-view mirror. It had been jostled around so she saw her own reflection. The only sign on her face of what had happened was the blurring of her make-up, and her total lack of lipstick. That she had left on the cocks. She hoped the married guys would wash it off before their wives saw it.


    Kim was pensively studying the dregs of her morning coffee, trying to read her future in the sediment in the bottom of the cup. It was a week since her anniversary "celebration". The gown was back in her closet, the sterling back in the drawer, the candles on the sideboard. Her bruises had healed, and the photographs were ashes under the rose bush by the back door.

    But she still had the memories. They were indelibly engraved on her mind. Touching them was not painful, surprisingly. Arousing, but not painful. The only regret she felt was soft of a niggling disgust when she thought of the men's gross, hairy bodies.

    Desperately, she twisted her mind away from the subject and contemplated, instead, the hollow shell of her marriage. It was like a movie set, all glitter and polish on the outside. But behind, where no one could see, it was a sham propped up with two-by-fours and bailing wire.

    Strangely, though, she didn't want out of it. It had its advantages, after all. There was a security of sorts, there were luxuries like the country club, the house, all the material things. In a way it was sort of a comfort, because she knew exactly what to expect. There wasn't any lying, in bed rigid, wondering if this night might be the night he would turn to her.

    The only trouble was she kept getting so damn, damn horny! If anything, the gross indulgences with the four men had heightened her appetite for sex. She hadn't even played with herself since then, and was about to climb the walls. She kept thinking of Al and Perry, how they had each penetrated her. God, they were so sweet, so willing, so basically undemanding. Oh, Al had forced himself on her, sure. But, in the end, she had been the one who controlled the action.

    She had been the toy of the four men. But Perry, and then Al, had been her toys. And she realized, analyzing her feelings, that it was more preferable to be doing the toying, than to be the toy.

    She itched. Way down deep in her hungry guts, she itched. She thought of Perry, slim and graceful and sleek and smooth, and the itch grew. She thought of Al, impatient and handsome and clean, and the itch curled and twisted up through her like the smoke from a guttering candle. She multiplied them in her mind, made them two Perrys and two Als, and the smoldering wick bunt into flame. Letting the robe slide back off her shoulders, she paced through the empty house like a tiger in heat.

    It was Saturday. Where would Al be? Where would Perry be? The pool, of course. She couldn't go there. Waiter was golfing with a business associate. They were planning to swim later. "Man stuff," he had said, his way of discouraging her presence.

    Kim paused by the telephone, felt the steam in her guts. She fingered the dial, then picked up the receiver, and dialed the country club.

    "The bathhouse, please," she requested. Her voice felt hot.

    "Bathhouse," the voice in her ear announced.

    She took a deep breath. "This is Kimberly Sanderson. Is my husband at the pool?" She knew he wasn't -- prayed he wasn't anyway.

    "No, Mrs. Sanderson, he hasn't been here today," she clerk answered, after checking the sign-in book.

    "Damn," she grumbled with mock dismay. "Is Perry McBride there? I need something from my locker and I can't leave the house right now."

    "Just a moment, I'll see if I can get him." In a moment, Perry was on the line.

    "Perry, this is Kim. Uh, Mrs. Sanderson."

    "Oh, hi! Gee, where you been? I've been looking for you."

    "I'm at home," she answered quickly. "Now, listen carefully. I don't really want anything from my locker, but we have to have a reason for your coming over here." Quickly, she told him what to do.

    "Uh, I got a problem, though," he announced when she was done.

    "Oh? What's that?"

    "My twin cousins are here today as my guests. I can't just leave 'em here by themselves."

    "How old are they?" Kim asked, her heart beating fast with insane hope.

    "My age."

    She couldn't believe her luck. "Bring them, too," she urged.


    "Bring them along," she ordered. "Believe me, you won't regret it. I'll call Jenny."

    "Well, if you say so..."

    "I say so," she insisted. "Hurry!"

    "Yes ma'am!" Perry agreed as he hung up.

    Kim dropped the phone back in the cradle and hugged herself delightedly. Then she picked up the phone and called her neighbor. "Hi, stranger," Jenny said. "Remember Perry?" Kim began abruptly.

    "Do I remember Perry! Is the Pope Catholic?"

    "Well, he's coming over in about fifteen minutes," Kim announced breathlessly, deliberately holding back the rest of the news.

    "And you're willing to share him again?"

    "Then why are you telling me? Christ, here I sit with my Tom Swift Tummy Teaser, and you..."

    "He's bringing his twin cousins with him," Kim broke in, fighting a nervous giggle.

    "Boy cousins?" Jenny asked after a moment of silence.

    With a jolt of fear, Kim realized she wasn't sure. "I... I don't know! Anyway, the more the merrier, so come on over, okay?"

    "You're mad, stark raving mad. I'll be there in ten minutes."

    "Why so long?" Kim asked, half seriously.

    "I'm not dressed."

    "So, don't dress!" Kim giggled. "I dare you."

    "Witch!" Jenny rasped, her voice thick with lust. Then she hung up.

    "Hew, wear this," Kim ordered when Jenny came bouncing in the back door.

    Jenny inspected the towel. "Kind of small, isn't it?"

    "Natch," Kim said, wrapping her lithe body in the mate. It was small. It barely reached from tits to hips, and revealed a sliver of her body where it didn't quite close.

    She had barely finished tucking the towel around her when the front doorbell rang. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Just thinking about Perry was enough to make her cunt steam.

    Opening the door, she gave them a full-fledged view of her in the miniscule towel. Her eyes darted to the strangers, and her insides melted into a hot puddle of pure horniness. Twin boys! And Al Lomata was grinning at her over their shoulders.

    "Hi," she said softly. She could feel Jenny behind her, see the fire kindling in the boys eyes. "Come on."

    "Sorry about Al," Perry said sourly. "He tagged along and I couldn't stop him."

    "That's all right," Kim assured Perry as she closed the door. Her mouth watered when she looked her lovers over. The four youths were still in their bathing stilts. They were lean and lithe, smoothly trim and slender. Their bodies were misted with the golden down of youth.

    "This is Curt and Bert," Perry introduced his cousins. "Or, maybe it's the other way around. I can't tell 'em apart."

    "This is Jenny," Kim said, waving her hand at the lusty redhead.

    "Just had to find out where the fire was," Al drawled, joining the conversation.

    Kim's horniness was rising just from the close quarters by the front door. "Come on, let's go into the living room," she invited.

    "I had to tell 'em," Perry noted nervously. "Hope you don't mind."

    Kim noticed that the twins' eyes hadn't left her since they had taken quick stack of Jenny. Her tummy tingled at the sight of the bulges in their bathing suits. They were wearing tank suits -- minimal scraps of nylon that clung to their trim hips and the swelling of their sex organs.

    "You're Bert," she guessed at random, stepping up to one of them. His eyes were a startling, clear blue.

    "Curt," he corrected.

    "Would you like to see me naked?" Kim asked softly.

    Curt's Adam's apple bobbed. "Yes."

    "All you have to do is untuck my towel," Kim whispered, linking her arms behind his neck.

    His fingers snaking, he released her single covering. The towel dropped away, baring her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jenny peeling off her own towel as she moved toward the other twin.

    "Kiss my breasts," Kim ordered.

    Obediently, the boy's lips closed on her tit. She moaned with lust. Al skinned his suit down and exposed his jutting cock. Then he moved toward her. Perry tried to shove his suit down too fast and got it tangled around his feet. He quickly kicked free.

    Kim was surrounded by naked boys! She was hugging the lips of one to her bared breast while another fingered her boiling pussy and a dick nuzzled her flank. Over Curt's head she saw Jenny slipping down, taking Bert's dick in her mouth. The youngster's face was a study in shock and lust.

    God damn they were beautiful! Even Al, though he was older! They were so lean and slender! Their skins were so smooth and unspoiled by hair. Their cocks were slim and businesslike -- stiff towers of lust that stood out with vigor. Her twat began to weep.

    Jenny was on her knees, and was sucking two cocks! She would slide her mouth down over one, thin turn and do the same to the other. Her hands were clutching the boys' tight balls, holding them close together.

    The finger in Kim's cunt stirred her slithery folds. She spread her legs, then clamped her thighs around the hand. She had Curt's cock in her fist and was pumping it as he sucked on one tit and then the other. Suddenly, the dong in her hand began to spasm. She curved her palm over the head of his dork and felt his thick, gooey, eager, sizzling semen spurt over her flesh. It drizzled from her hand in thick gobbets. She caught as much as she could in her palm.

    Jenny's efforts were rewarded by thick gouts of pearly jizz from Perry's dark. The red-headed woman let the creamy drops spurt into her mouth. Then she swallowed, and let the next jetting spatter her lips and her cheeks.

    Klan slid to the floor and sprawled on her back. Al came down with her. She dragged Curt to her side with her pip on his dick. While she hugged the cousin against her, she spread her thighs for Al. His pecker nestled in her cunt, jammed into her streaming pussy like a snake looking for a hiding place.

    Smothering in boy flesh, Kim abandoned herself to incredible pleasure. Al stroked in her quick and hard, hammered her clit to flame as he raped her. Curt's pecker was still hard as she smeared it with his own jizz. He began chewing on her breast like a mad animal.

    Al began to cum. Kim spread her legs wide on his dick would drive against the end of her cunt hole. She felt live steam power into her boiling folds.

    Then, the boys' first passion slaked, they all relaxed. Kim lay back and let Curt explore her. Al gazed over at Jenny Kelly and her two students. Kim squirmed with pleasure as Curt's tool parted her pussy folds and probed her juicy cunt. The boy was kneeling near her shoulders, leaning forward over her crotch. His cock and balls dangled enticingly between his trim thighs. She reached up and curled her hand around his balls, engulfed them as passion steamed through her veins.

    "God, this is crazy," Jenny gasped as her twat was probed by a curious teenager. "What if Walt comes home?"

    Kim laughed and her eyes slitted with horniness. She was still fondling Curt's cock and balls. "Well fuck him, too."

    "Oh God!" Jenny whispered. "Up my ass!" She curled her legs, and Kim saw that Perry was sticking a finger into Jenny's bung.

    Kim turned to Al. "Want to bugger me?"


    "Put your cock up my rear," Kim explained.

    "Shit yeah."

    "Go get the jar of cold cream from the bathroom," she ordered.

    "I'll get it," Perry answered, dragging his finger out of Jenny's asshole. She moaned. "I know where it is."

    "What about me?" the twin that had been examining Kim's cunt asked.

    She gave his pecker a fond squeeze. "You'll get your turn," she assured him. "You'll get your turn."

    Scooping a gob of cold cream out of the jar, Kim smeared it slowly over Al's cock. Then, sprawling on her back, she greased the little brown target. She did it carefully, so he could see.

    "In there?" he squeaked.

    "In there," she answered, rolling over and hiking her pale ass up. Reaching back, she lewdly parted her tail.

    As Curt looked on, Al aimed his dick at her bung. The first touch sent Kim's lust roaring upwards. He bored into her with exuberance and a total lack of inhibitions. She felt him sliding into her searing asshole. Reaching under herself, she touched his dick as it slowly rammed into her crapper. Then she stuck a finger into her cunt and felt how the channel was pinched shut by the bulk ramming her rectum. God, to have two at once would be heaven!

    Al pumped his dick into her tail with long, slow, burning, greasy strokes. Her whole body was on fire, but she managed somehow to get her hand up off the floor, and draw Curt over in front of her.

    "Lie down," she croaked.


    "Lie down," she demanded. "Oh your back."

    Puzzled, he obeyed. His first fuck was going to be one hell of an unforgettable experience, Kim reflected.

    "Hang in there, Al," Kim urged as she struggled, squirmed over the inexperienced teen. Then she aimed his dick into her tight twat, and slowly went down on it.

    "Christ!" Al groaned. "I can feel him going in." Kim felt as if she was going to spit from the two dorks. As she lay on top of Curt, she let her cunt spasm until it accommodated his cock. Then she told Al to bugger her again.

    Under her, Curt moaned as his dong was stroked by Al's prick. Instinctively, Curt shifted, pumped his dick in her jammed tunnel. Timing it carefully, Kim eased forward and back on his cock as Al drove in and out of her rear. She had the feeling she was being slowly ripped in two. Lust was tearing at her with flew claws. Her clit was rolled and pinched against Curt's thinly padded pubic arch. The baffler separating cunt from bung was rolled and twisted and stroked by the peckers pistoning in and out.

    Curt was moving on his own now. She held still as flames incinerated her nerves. One moment she had alternating dicks in her and then Al and Curt would fall into step so she was empty one second, crammed to bursting the nest.

    Al reached around her and wedged his hands in between her and Curt and pinched her tits. His hips were heaving and jumping against her rear as he cornholed her. Curt was pinching her waist eagerly as if trying to somehow prove to himself that it was all real.

    "Gonna cum," Al warned.

    "Ohhhh, shit," Curt moaned, and Kim realized that she was about to get totally hosed. Her own cumming burst over her like a tidal wave as the two boys began to fountain in her twat and asshole. The two dorks jumped and leaped as they unloaded gush after gush of cum into her. Her cunt went into series of convulsions as she was flayed to the bone by pleasure, reduced to a quivering mass by her ecstasy.

    She didn't come down from her peak until Al's pecker was being driven out by her slit reflex. Slowly, she slid up on Curt and felt his dick slither out of her sodden slit. For a moment they all lay in a tangled heap, panting hard. Then Al muttered something about needing to wash, and crawled away.

    "Oh wow!" Jenny sighed. She was lying on her back and was snuggling two boys to her. Her spread legs revealed a swampy twat. "Sure does beat a battery pacifier!"

    "I'm thirsty," Perry noted, lifting his head from where he had been pillowing it on Jenny's breast.

    "Soda's in the refrigerator," Kim answered. "Help yourselves."

    The rush that followed left her and Jenny alone in the middle of the living room.

    "Kim, what are we doing?" Jenny asked after a long silence. Kim thought for a moment. "Contributing to the delinquency of minors."

    "Do you have any idea what this town would do to us if word got out?" Jenny asked.

    "Tar and feathers would be kinder," Kim answered. "But the kids won't tell."

    "How can you be sure?"

    Kim shrugged. "I'm guessing, actually."

    "Oh boy, I can see it now," Jenny sighed.

    "Housewife Sex Ring Exposed!" She said it as a headline.

    "Led the youth of our fair town into sin," Kim added frivolously.

    "This is serious!" Jenny complained.

    "You didn't have to come over," Kim pointed out.

    Jenny snorted. "Would a starving man resist a seven-course meal, even if he knew it would be his last?"

    "Not likely," Kim agreed. "Hi," she greeted Curt and Bert as they came back into the room. Their half-hard pricks were dangling over their balls. She tried to decide if there was any detectable difference between the two boys.

    Five minutes later, she still wasn't sure. The twins were on the couch and she was fingering first one prick and then the other.

    "This is great, but believe it or not, I have got to go," Jenny announced.

    "What?" Kim exploded.

    Jenny stood up nervously. "Look. I'm sorry, but this is... well, it's just too much for me. I guess I'm chicken, basically. I... I'll see you around."

    Kim felt abandoned. A hollow, creeping horror was gnawing at her. Desperately, she turned to the four naked teenage boys. "Come on, let's go to the bedroom."

    The sun was streaming over the bed. She became the center of attention. The youths fingered her breasts, punished her pussy. She lay on her back and fondled dangling dicks, tried to lose herself in the pleasure of being the only piece of meat available.

    A squabble broke out between Perry and his cousins over possession of her pussy. "Easy, there's enough for all," she soothed.

    "I haven't fucked you today," Perry complained.

    "Okay," Kim said. "You're next." She had a feeling of impending doom as Perry drove his dick into her hole. With a heave, she rolled them over, so she was on her side and presenting her ass to the him.

    Curt got the idea. She felt his cock drive at her tail. There was no grease to tame the penetration. She bit back the tears as her asshole was slowly torn open by his determined dick. The pain increased her gross pleasure.

    "Jests!" Perry groaned as he felt his cock being pinched by the one entering her rectum.

    Kim wrapped her arms around his slender young body and held him tight and still as the prick drove up into her tail. It felt like a red-hot poker was rasping through her abused asshole.

    Something nudged her lips, and she looked up. Al was offering his dork to her, holding it in his fingers, leering down at her. She opened her mouth and accepted the hot rod, slipped it towards the beck of her mouth as the cock in her rear reached full depth. Curt's hips were pressing against her butt.

    The world became solid pistoning pricks. The feeling of doom faded and the pleasure slowly raged higher and higher and higher. Everything was swept away by the flaming cocks in her openings. Her tail was ablaze. Curt's cock was pistoning through the strained sphincter ring. Her cunt was a roaring bonfire from Perry's dong sliding in and out. Her lips felt swollen and sore as she sucked and slurped on Al's throbbing hard-on.

    Surprisingly, Al came first. He hosed her throat with salty jizz. She gulped and swallowed, then choked as the hammering in her crotch went on and on and on. She was reduced to a quivering puddle. She felt as if her insides were being pounded to a paste by driving dicks.

    Al's cock whipped, away and spattered her cheeks with spit and cream. Then another was ramming down her throat. Bert had taken Al's place! Bert clutched her head and rammed his pecker down her throat mercilessly, fucked her raw with his long, hard wang. Kim choked, moaned around the thrusting, pistoning penis. She was unable to do more than squirm weakly as she attempted to escape the slamming knob that was bruising the back of her throat.

    She felt the cock up her asshole spasming, and had the feeling boiling acid was being hosed into her rectum. Perry's dick leaped to life in her twat, and she felt his cum spattering her raw tat. The wall of flesh between Curt and Perry was massaged by the pulsing and jetting of the two cocks.

    She was being swept away on a seething flood of cream when a sudden bellow from the doorway knifed into her like a red-hot ice pick. As the dicks flooded her suddenly lost strength, and, their hoeing faded like a mist, she lifted her head.

    Standing in the doorway, his expression a combination of surprise and lust, was her husband, Walter. Then was a wild, mad scramble as four naked boys abandoned the bed, then circled the room like blind mice because the one exit was blocked. His eyes fastened on Kim, Walter started toward the bed. The teenagers vanished out the door in a welter of tanned arms and legs and naked asses and flapping pricks.

    "Oh, shit," Kim groaned. She wished she could crawl into the mattress and hide.

    A massive weight slammed down on top of her. A huge cock ploughed along her cunt like a battering ram. A mammoth, mature cock was crashing into her, raping her, glutting her. Walter, her husband, was making her eyes glaze and her brain tattle in her skull. She clutched his back.

    Her cuming shattered her into a million glittering fragments. She felt her husband's cock fountaining gallons of sperm into her spasming, exhausted snatch.

    As she sank into oblivion under him she realized she had him at last. A long vacation together would still any gossip that might crop up. Then school would be back in session and the pool would be closed for the season.

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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